Karnataka Board Class 6 Social Science Part 2 Chapter 6 Government Solution

Karnataka State Board Social Science Social Science Part 2 Class 6 Chapter 6 Government Exercise Question and Answer.

1) Discuss in groups and answer.

A) What is Government?

Ans:- Government is an administration which is systematic for the people to live their life comfortable, beautiful and systematic. The administration has the power to imposing legal sanctions to run in a systematic way. Because of these, people can get justice, equal facilities and peaceful life.

B) Mention the types of Government.

Ans:-The types of Government are:-

  • Democratic Government.
  • Dictatorial Government.
  • Communist Government.

C) What is Democracy?

Ans:-Democracy is a system by which one can get equality and freedom. It includes freedom to choose religion, freedom of speech, freedom to create organization, freedom to create association. According to Abraham Lincoln “ Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people”.

D) Write the meaning of dictatorial government ?

Ans:-If one individual person or individual group or party has the whole power of the state. According to him, the whole state works and no one can interrupt him. This is called Dictatorial Government. In most of the cases, people of Dictatorial Government can not get all the freedoms that democratic people canenjoy.

E) What is communist Government? Explain.

Ans:-The communist government runs according to the principle in which land, labor and capital belongs to community. One should get the things what they need and there is not the concept of private property. According to communists, the upper class wins the struggle and as a result, there are discrimination. So forcreating equality, there is communist Government.

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