Karnataka Board Class 6 Social Science Part 2 Chapter 5 Rajputs in Indian History Solution

Karnataka State Board Social Science Social Science Part 2 Class 6 Chapter 5 Rajputs in Indian History Exercise Question and Answer.

1) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.

A) The prathihara king who defended India from the military expendition of Arab is ………..


B) The king of Sena Dynasty who ended the rule of Palas was ……….

Ans:-King Bhoja.

C) …….was the capital of Prithviraj Chauhan.

Ans:- Ajayameru.

2) Answer the following in a sentence each.

A) Name the important Rajput dynasties.

Ans:-The important Rajput dynasties are:-

Chauhan Dynasty.

Chalukya Dynasty.

Rashtrakuta Dynasty.

Pratihara Dynasty.

B) Who are the prominent pratihara kings?

Ans:- The kings are:- Nagabhata I, king Bhoja and Mahendrapala I.

C) Which were the commodities exported from India during the reign of Rajputs?

Ans:-The commodities were:- Cotton, spices, silk, perfumes etc.

D) Where is the camel fair held?

Ans:- The camel fair held in Pushkar.

E) Name some important litrary works of Rajputs?

Ans:- Some important litrary work of Rajputs are:-

Adipurana of jinasena.

Kalhana Rajtarangini.

Soudhala Udayasundarikatha.


F) Which were the ancient learning centers promoted by Rajputs?

Ans:-The ancient learning centers promoted by Rajputs are:-

• Nalanda.
• Ujjayini.
• Kashi.
• Vikramshila.

G) Name some important temples and palaces of Rajputs.

Ans:-Some important temples of rajputs are Dilwara temple, kandariya Mahadeva temple etc.

3) Discuss in groups and answer.

A) Write a brief note on Prithviraja Chauhan?

Ans:-Prithviraja Chauhan is a great ruler of Chahamana Dynasty in india. He was born in Gujrat on 1149. He was a brave king who opposed Muhammad Ghori. Many rajput rulers support him and he defeated Muhammad Ghori but he did not kill him and next year, Muhammad Ghori returned to fight and at last Muhammad Ghori defeated Prithviraj Chauhan. The capital of Prithviraj, Delhi was captured by Muhammad Ghori and this is how the rule of Sultan started. He was a remarkable ruler who had courageous and love for his motherland.

B) What are the achievements of Rana Kumbha?

Ans:- Achievements of Rana Kumbha:-

Rana Kumbha was a great ruler who fought against the Delhi sultans. He protected his kingdom from the external forces. He established 32 forts to protect his kingdom. Vijaya sthambha was created by him at Chittorgarh.

4) Match the items in column A with those of column B.


                     A                         B
Chand Bardai Prithviraja Raso
Khommana BappaRawal
Jayadeva Gita Govinda
Pink city Jaipura
Pushkara Camel Fair
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