JKBOSE Class 9 English Tulip Short Stories Chapter 4 The Last Leaf Solution

JKBOSE Class 9 English Tulip Short Stories Chapter 4 The Last Leaf Solution

JKBOSE Class 9 English Tulip Short Stories Chapter 4 The Last Leaf

JKBOSE (Jammu Kashmir State Board Of School Education) Class 9 English Solution Chapter 4 The Last Leaf all Exercise Question Answers. Students of JK Board Grade 9 Standard can download all Answer.



Thinking about the Text

1.) What was the cause of Johnsy’s illness? How could the illness be treated?

Answer: Johnsy had pneumonia. She was pessimistic and had given hope on life. She would just lie on the bed and gaze out of the window. The doctor too advised her to be optimistic. But she didn’t have will power to think about the positive things. With medicines only her will-power could treat Johnsy.

2.) Do you think the feeling of depression Johnsy has, is common among teenagers?

Answer: Nowadays due to fast and modern age and technology, there is high competition among teenagers. The feeling of depression is common nowadays as many teenagers have peer pressure, competition, jealousy and many other factors. All these negative things are affecting the teenagers which in turn lead to depression.

3.) What was Behrman’s dream? Did it come true?

Answer: Behrman’s lifelong dream was to paint a masterpiece. Yes, his dream came true only when he lost his life painting his masterpiece of the last leaf of the ivy creeper at the rainy night. He died of pneumonia.

4.) How is ‘The Last Leaf’ the artist’s masterpiece? What makes you say so?

Answer: ‘The Last Leaf’ is the artist’s masterpiece because despite his age, Behrman didn’t worry about it, he painted the last leaf on the ivy creeper. It looked so real that because of the leaf, Johnshy who had been depressed got back hope in life and started thinking positively.


Language work

Explain the meaning of the following idiomatic expressions and frame sentences of your own.

Make up one’s mind                           –           Make a decision

I have made up my mind to pursue MBA.


Out of work                                        –           Unemployed

Rita was out of work for 1 year.


By leaps and bounds                           –           Rapid progress

Her success was by leaps and bounds.


Pour out worries                                  –           Tell your problems or feelings to someone

Rita always pours out her worries to her elder sister.


Shed leaves                                         –           To fall

In the autumn, trees shed their leaves.


Look after                                           –           To take care of

It is my duty to look after my parents.


Take after                                            –           To resemble a parent or ancestor

I take after my father.


Tiptoe into                                           –           To walk on your toes with your heels off the ground

When my grandfather was fast asleep, I tiptoed into his room.


Draw the curtain                                 –           To open the curtain

My mother asked me to draw the curtain so that there would be light in the room.


Raise the curtain                                 –           To start

They lifted the curtain and the drama began.


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