JKBOSE Class 9 English Tulip Poetry Chapter 2 Moti Guj-Mutineer Solution

JKBOSE Class 9 English Tulip Poetry Chapter 2 Moti Guj-Mutineer Solution

JKBOSE (Jammu Kashmir State Board Of School Education) Class 9 English Solution Chapter 2 Moti Guj-Mutineer all Exercise Question Answers. Students of JK Board Grade 9 Standard can download all Answer.



Thinking about the Text

1.) Why did Moti Guj love his master even though he would beat him sometimes?

Answer: Moti Guj loved his master even though he would beat him sometimes because he knew that after the beating was over, Deesa would embrace his trunk and weep. He would call him his love and give him some liquor which Moti Guj was very fond of.


2.) How long was Deesa to be away and how did he tell Moti Guj about this?

Answer: Dessa was to be away for ten days. Firstly, he asked his elephant to give his ear so that he could tell him about his leave. Then he asked him to hold up his rear forefoot and hit a tent-peg ten times on the nails to tell him that he was away for ten days.


3.) What were the lies Deesa told his employer? Why did he tell such dreadful stories?

Answer: The first lie that Dessa told his employer was that his mother passed away but when the planter caught his lie, then he said that it was his aunt that died who was just the same as a mother to him. Then he tried to tell another lie that his wives were dying due to the plague which was also caught by the planter since Dessa was not married. Dessa desperately wanted to get drunk so he made such dreadful stories.


4.) How did Deesa look after Moti Guj?

Answer: Deesa would lead Moti Guj down to the river. Moti Guj lay on his side in the shallows, while Deesa rubbed him with a coir swab and a brick.On pounding, the blow of brick, Moti Guj would get up and turn over on the other side. Then Deesa would look at his feet and examine his eyes, and turn up the corners of his mighty ears in case of sores.Once in a week they both would enjoy food and drink together.


5.) How did Moti Guj bid Deesa goodbye?

Answer: Moti Guj put his trunk round Deesa and swung him into the air twice. That was his way of bidding him goodbye.


6.) Why did Moti Guj become a mutineer?

Answer:  After Dessa left, Moti Guj worked well. But he felt lonely and unhappy. On the eleventh day, when he realized that his master had not returned, he began to walk away. Chihun talked nonsense about the elephants and didn’t give food to him which made Moti Guj become a mutineer.


7.) How did Moti Guj react to Deesa’s return?

Answer: On Dessa’s return, Moti Guj fell into Deesa’s arms trumpeting with joy, and the man and beast wept and slobbered over each other.


8.) Why was Chihun angry with Moti Guj? How did Moti Guj react to his remarks?

Answer: Chihun was angry with Moti Guj because he refused to take his orders and became a rebellion. Moti Guj spoilt the garden and lifted Chihun’s baby when he was not given food.


Language work

1.) The following verbs remain unchanged in the conjugation:

Present                                    Past                                         Past participle

Beat                                         Beat                                         Beat

Broadcast                                Broadcast                                Broadcast

Telecast                                   Telecast                                   Telecast

Put                                           Put                                           Put


Identify five more verbs which remain unchanged in the conjugation.

Cut                                          Cut                                          Cut

Read                                        Read                                        Read

Cost                                         Cost                                         Cost

Set                                           Set                                           Set

Hit                                           Hit                                           Hit

Hurt                                         Hurt                                         Hurt


2.) Note the positive, comparative and superlative degrees of the following adjectives:

Form degrees of comparison of the following adjectives:

Positive                                               Comparative                            Superlative

Little                                                   Lesser                                      Least


Few                                                     Fewer                                      Fewest


Hot                                                      Hotter                                      Hottest


Big                                                      Bigger                                     Biggest


Thin                                                     Thinner                                 Thinnest


Fat                                                       Fatter                                      Fattest


Cold                                                    Colder                                     Coldest


Great                                                   Greater                                 Greatest


Bright                                                  Brighter                                   Brightest


Light                                                   Lighter                                      Lightest


Lovely                                                 Lovelier                                   Loveliest


Writing work

1.) Write an account of love between Deesa and Moti Guj.

Answer: Dessa was the master of the elephant named Moti Guj. Moti Guj loved his master even though his master would beat him when he was drunk because he knew that after drinking his master would embrace his trunk and weep. They both shared a deep bond of affection. Once in a week they both would have food and drink together and enjoy their time. Once when Dessa was away from Moti Guj for ten days, Moti started feeling lonely and unhappy with his new master Chihun. When Chihun started talking nonsense about elephants, he became rebellious and lifted his master’s baby to teach him a lesson. His master would not give him food which made him turn rebellious. After few days, when his master Dessa returned, he was the happiest. They both sobbed and slobbered over each other. The deep love and bonding between the two were beyond words.


2.) Write a short essay on the preservation of Wildlife.

Answer: Wildlife is a part of our beautiful environment. It is our responsibility to take utmost care of our wildlife. Wildlife is the lives of the wild animals that live in forest. It is very important to take care of them as their lives also matter the most. The very first step towards the preservation of wildlife is to stop deforestation because by doing so, we are taking away the shelter of the wild animals. It is important to maintain the balance of everything and only then we would be able to protect the wildlife. It is very crucial to spread awareness about the wildlife and its maintenance.


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