JKBOSE Class 9 English Tulip Prose Chapter 6 The Tempest II Solution

JKBOSE Class 9 English Tulip Prose Chapter 6 The Tempest II Solution

JKBOSE Class 9 English Tulip Prose Chapter 6 The Tempest II

JKBOSE (Jammu Kashmir State Board Of School Education) Class 9 English Solution Chapter 6 The Tempest II all Exercise Question Answers. Students of JK Board Grade 9 Standard can download all Answer.



Thinking about the text

1.) What did Miranda at first think Ferdinand was and why? Was Ferdinand and Miranda’s love at first sight?

Answer: At first, Miranda thought Ferdinand was a spirit because she had not seen any human other than her father. Yes, it was indeed the love at first sight.


2.) Why did Prospero pretend to think that Ferdinand was a spy?

Answer: Prospero was very happy to find that the two young people had fallen in love with each other at first sight. But in order to test Ferdinand’s love, Prospero pretended to think that the young man was a spy.


3.) What was the task that Prospero gave Ferdinand?

Answer: Prospero gave Ferdinand the task of piling up heavy logs.


4.) What made Ferdinand’s labour seem light?

Answer: Miranda’s presence made Ferdinand’s labour light.


5.) What were the King and his party doing in the meantime?

Answer: In the meantime, the king and others were wandering about on the island. Ariel put inviting food before them, but when they tried to eat it, it disappeared suddenly.


6.) Why were they amazed to see Prospero?

Answer: Antonio and his party was not aware of the survival of Prospero so when they Prospero alive, they could hardly believe their eyes.


7.) Prospero told the King that he had lost his daughter in the tempest and in a sense he was right.

Can you say in what sense?

Answer:  Prospero told the King that he had lost his daughter in the tempest and in a sense, he was right because he had lost his daughter to Ferdinand.


8.) Why did Prospero give up his magic powers?

Answer: Prospero gave up his magic powers and buried his books of magic because he had no further use for them. He set Ariel free as he had promised.


9.) What was Ariel’s last service to his master?

Answer:  When Prospero and party sailed to Naples leaving Caliban in possession of the island then Ariel helped them with favourable winds; that was his last service to his master.


Language Work

Find from the lesson words or phrases which mean the following:

1.) (a phrase meaning) to ; for the purpose                             –           In order to


2.) a person who tries to get secret information about an enemy country Spy


3.) examine two things side by side; see how they are different or like each other Compare


(Section I)

1.) (a phrase meaning) meanwhile                                           –           In the time


2.) any more; to a greater distance                                          –           Further


3.) a hard test                                                                          –           Trial


4.) (an adjective meaning) having done wrong; having done a crime or a sin Guilt


5.) bad; wicked; sinful                                                                        –           Cruel


6.) an action (of any kind) ; a thing that is done                     –           Deed


7.) an action such as murder or stealing; a very bad action    –           In order to


8.) be sorry for something one has done                                 –           Repent


(Section II)

1.) destruction of ship by storm, etc.                                      –           Wreck


Give the antonyms of:

1.) Good fortune         X         Misfortune


2.) Far                          X         Near


3.) Innocent                 X         Guilty


4.) Evil                        X         Good


5.) Loss                       X         Profit


6.) Coward                  X         Brave


7.) Perish                     X         Survive


8.) Remember              X         Forget


9.) Loyal                      X         Disloyal

The Tempest II Solution

Give the noun forms of the following and use them in your own sentences:

1.) Lose                                   –           Loss

It is your loss if you don’t study well.

2.) Guilty                                 –           Guilt

Don’t doesn’t have any guilt for the wrong deeds.

3.) Reconcile                           –           Reconciliation

They were trying for reconciliation between the two teams.

4.) Try                                                 –           Try

Let’s give him another try.

5.) Amaze                                –           Amazement

I watched him in amazement when he gave an amazing speech.

6.) Give                                   –           Give

One should always try to give well.

7.) Imagine                              –           Imagination

Her imagination is beyond words.

8.) Pretend                              –           Pretense

I hate pretence.

9.) Repent                               –           Repentance

Some people don’t have repentance.

10.) Treat                                 –           Treatment

Everyone deserves a good treatment.

Use the following phrases in your own sentences:

1.) At the first sight                –           It was love at the first sight for my sister and her husband.


2.) In the meantime                 –           Her mother was cooking biryani and in the meantime Sheela was cleaning the room.


3.) In order to                          –           In order to speak English fluently, one must practice.


4.) In possession of                 –           This house is in possession of yours.


5.) In store                               –           She expected something surprising for her, but little did she knew what was in store for her.


6.) To be shipwrecked             –           The pirates shipwrecked Ali’s ship.


7.) Hang upon                         –           He hangs upon every word he says.


Writing work

1.) How did Prospero test Ferdinand’s love? How did Ferdinand stand the test?

Answer: Ferdinand and his party were stuck in the tempest raised by the Ariel. Ferdinand somehow manages to reach the shore safely. When he reached at the place where Prospero and Miranda lived, he saw Miranda for the first time. He thought of her as a goddess. Miranda thought of Ferdinand as a spirit. It was the love at the first sight. Prospero got to know about this, but he wanted to test Ferdinand. He gave Ferdinand the task of piling of heavy logs. Miranda helped Ferdinand in his work, but he refused to accept the help since he wanted to prove how much he loved her. This honest act of Ferdinand impressed Prospero and he was convinced that they both indeed loved each other. Prospero then set Ferdinand free from his task.


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