JKBOSE Class 9 English Tulip Prose Chapter 6 The Tempest I Solution

JKBOSE Class 9 English Tulip Prose Chapter 6 The Tempest I Solution


JKBOSE (Jammu Kashmir State Board Of School Education) Class 9 English Solution Chapter 6 The Tempest I all Exercise Question Answers. Students of JK Board Grade 9 Standard can download all Answer.



Thinking about the Text

1.) Who was Ariel, and how did he come to be Prospero’s servant?

Answer: Ariel was a spirit. Before Prospero’s arrival there lived on the island a witch named Sycorax; who imprisoned Ariel in the heart of a pine tree. Prospero, on his arrival on the island, found him and released him and he became Prospero’s faithful servant.


2.) Who was Caliban? What did he look like?

Answer: Caliban was the son of the witch Sycorax. He was the servant of Prospero. He hardly looked human; he looked more like a fish than a man.


3.) What did Miranda ask Prospero to do when she saw the ship caught in the tempest?

Answer: When Miranda saw the ship caught in the tempest, she asked Prospero to put to an end and to the tempest to the save the ship.


4.) What did Prospero say he raised the tempest for?

Answer: Prospero told his daughter that he raised the tempest for her sake as she was didn’t know who the sailors were.


5.) Why did Prospero leave the management of state affairs to Antonio?

Answer: Prospero wanted to devote all of his time to his secret studies so he left the management of state affairs to Antonio.


6.) Who helped Antonio to seize the throne?

Answer: Antonio bribed Prospero’s ministers and plotted against him with his enemy, the King of Naples.


7.) What did Antonio’s soldiers do?

Answer: Antonio’s soldiers took him out of his palace with his crying daughter in his arms. They did not dare to kill them openly; so, they put them into an old and damaged ship that could hardly float, and left them to perish at sea.


8.) How did old Gonzalo help Prospero?

Answer:  Gonzalo was an old lord was loyal at heart to Prospero. He was not in favour of Antonio’s plot. He secretly stored the ship with fresh water, food and clothes, and his precious books, which he valued more than his dukedom.


9.) Who were in the ship that was caught in the tempest?

Answer: The king, Antonio, his son Ferdinand and the soldiers were in the ship that was caught in the tempest.


10.) What did Ariel remind Prospero of, when Prospero mentioned more work?

Answer: When Prospero mentioned more work to Ariel, he reminded him of the promise of giving setting him free.

The Tempest I Solution

Complete the following:

1.) Using the materials repeatedly in different forms is called recycling.

2.) Trees are saved by recycling waste materials.

3.) Recycling also saves energy and raw materials.

4.) Presence of any undesirable or contaminated substance in the environment is called pollution.

5.) Half a can of petrol can be saved by reusing aluminium.


Write the synonyms of the following and make sentences of your own.

1.)  Scarce                   –           Limited

Last summer water was limited in our area.


2.) Expensive              –           Costly

IPhone is a costly mobile.


3.) Save                                   –           Redeem

We have redeemed your points of last purchase.


4.) Pose                                   –           Perform

He performed all his duties very well.


5.) Produce                  –           Make

The company made many quality products.


Use the following phrases and idioms in sentences of your own:

1.) For one’s sake        –           One should not misbehave for one’s sake.


2.) In favor of             –           I’m in favor of good thoughts and actions.


3.) In the midst of       –           She went home in the midst of an important meeting.


4.) Keep one’s head    –           We should always keep our head in the times of struggle.


5.) On one’s hand – If the traffic police caught for over speeding, it’s on your own hand.


6.) Remind of              –           Remind me of taking shoes while stepping outside.


Find from the lesson words which mean the following:

1.) Without companions, a long way from men and life       –           Lonely


2.) Nothing more than; only                                              –           Except


3.) Cause to rise or appear; bring about                           –           Raise


4.) Set free                                                                      –           Release


5.) Try hard against difficulties; fight                               –           Struggle


6.) (a phrase meaning) in the middle part of                    –           Heart


7.) be destroyed; lose life                                                –           Perish


(Section 1)

1.) Thing that one owns                                                         –           Possession


2.) During that time                                                                –           Ago


3.) Be bold or brave enough (to do something)                      –          Dare


4.) Spoiled or broken; so, made less useful                             –         Damaged


(Section II)

1.) Cause to remember; bring to the mind                              –           Remind


2.) That is to say                                                                      –           Namely


3.) The same as                                                                        –          Both


The Tempest I Solution

(Section III)

Make nouns of the following adjectives and verbs:

1.) Loyal                      –           Loyalty


2.) Favour                    –           Favour


3.) Perform                  –           Performance


4.) Struggle                 –           Struggle


5.) Magical                  –           Magic


6.) Plot                          –           Plot


Writing Work

Write briefly how Antonio tried to get rid of Prospero and how Prospero escaped death.

Answer: Antonio and Prospero are main characters of the play ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare. Prospero is the duke of Milan. He is least concerned about all the wealth he had. He wanted to give all of his time in his studies so he left all the state affairs to Antonio. Antonio became greedy and wanted all the wealth so he planned to get rid of Prospero. He bribed all the ministers with the king of Naples against his brother. He ordered the soldiers to kill his brother and his daughter. The soldiers took Prospero and his daughter out of the palace. They didn’t dare to kill Prospero and his daughter directly rather they were kept in a damaged ship and left them. Prospero’s loyal friend Gonzalo provided everything important thing to him. He also kept his most valued books.


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