Iswaran the Storyteller Extra Questions and Answers English Supplementary Chapter 3

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Iswaran the Storyteller Extra Questions and Answers English Supplementary Chapter 3

Iswaran the Storyteller Extra Questions and Answers Very Short Type:

Question 1.

Who is the writer of the story “Iswaran the storyteller”?


It was written by R.K Laxman.

Question 2.

Who was the narrator of the story of Iswaran?


Mahendra was the narrator of the story of Iswaran.

Question 3.

What was the profession of Mahendra?


Mahendra was a junior super of a company.

Question 4.

What was the asset Mahendra have with him?


Mahendra had his cook, Iswaran with him.

Question 5.

Which book Iswaran used to read after his lunch?


Iswaran used to read some popular Tamil thrillers after his lunch.

Question 6.

What were seemed like matchsticks for the elephants?


The fences were seemed like match sticks for the elephants.

Question 7.

Who made the elephant frightened?


Iswaran made the elephant frightened.

Question 8.

 Why did Iswaran leave the story unfinished?


Iswaran left the story unfinished as he had to go to warm the dinner for them.

Question 9.

How did Iswaran manage to bring down the elephant?


Iswaran used some Japanese art – karate or jujitsu to bring down the elephant.

Question 10.

Why did Mahendra enjoy the story told by Iswaran, whether it was credible or not?


Mahendra enjoyed the story told by Iswaran whether it was credible or not because of his unique story telling method.

Question 11.

What is the culinary skill?


A skill, which is related to cooking, is called culinary skill.

Question 12.

Why Iswaran took the permission for preparing special dinner from Mahendra?


Iswaran took the permission for preparing special dinner as it was an allspicious day and according to tradition special food should be prepared to feed the spirit of their ancestors.

Question 13.

According to Iswaran what was the factory site before?


According to Iswaran the factory site was a burial ground before.

Question 14.

Describe the woman ghost, seen by Iswaran?


The woman ghost was horrible looking and appeared on a full moon night. She was very ugly and had matted hair with wrinkled face. She was seen of holding unborn baby in its arm.

Question 15.

Why did Mahendra decide to resign from the job?


Mahendra decided to resign from the job as he become horrified with that scary experience of ghost.

Iswaran the Storyteller Extra Questions and Answers MCQ Type:

Question 1.

The story was narrated to –

(A) Ramesh

(B) Ganesh

(C) Mahesh

(D) Rajesh

Answer: (B) Ganesh

Question 2.

Who can makeshift canvas tent in the middle of a stone quarry?


(A) Mahendra

(B) Iswaran

(C) Ganesh

(D) Ramesh

Answer: (A) Mahendra

Question 3.

Mahendra left for his work often having his –

(A) Lunch

(B) Breakfast

(C) Dinner

(D) Evening food

Answer:  (B) Breakfast

Question 4.

Who escaped from the timber yard –

(A) Elephant

(B) Camel

(C) Tiger

(D) Lion

Answer: (A) Elephant

Question 5.

After two days _________ took the elephant back to the jungle.

(A) Ganesh

(B) Iswaran

(C) Mahendra

(D) Mahout

Answer: (D) Mahout

Question 6.

__________ was the only source of entertainment for Mahendra an Iswaran

(A) T.V

(B) Radio

(C) Story of Iswaran

(D) Sports

Answer: (C) Story of Iswaran

Iswaran the Storyteller Extra Questions and Answers Short Type:

Question 1.

What was the profession of Mahendra, the narrator of the story?


Mahendra worked as a junior supervisor in a company, which offered or hired supervisors at various types of construction sites, factories, dams and so on. His job was to keep an eye on the  activities at the bridge  construction sites , chemical plants etc by moving to the place.

Question 2.

What were the duties did Iswaran play for Mahendra?


Iswaran was a very close companion rather cook of Mahendra in that adverse condition where he had to live. He cooked for him, washed his clothes and also gave his company by telling to him at night.

Question 3.

What were the qualities Iswaran had?


Iswaran had some very special qualities. He was a good story teller and could weave out endless stories and anecdotes on varied subjects. He was a great cook also. He used to gather different vegetable and ingredients from the new place to cook instantly. Again, he was an expert of making temporary shelters and always helped Mahendra to make temporary shelters in the places where there were no inhabitanted.

Question 4.

How did Iswaran narrate stories?


Iswaran used to narrate stories with detailed descriptions and a lot of suspense and thriller. He used to make it very interesting for the listeners with extra effects and examples. He had the talent of giving real effects to all the stories through his imagination.

Question 5.)

In what way is Iswaran an asset to Mahendra?

Ans- Iswaran was a skilled cook who used to prepare meals and do laundry for Mahendra. Mahendra had to relocate sometimes as per his job requirements. He always took Iswaran along with him. Within 1 hour of reaching, even in a remote area, Iswaran could magically produce delicious dishes with fresh vegetables and other ingredients. He was also a great storyteller.

Question 6.)

How does Iswaran describe the uprooted tree on the highway?

Ans- Iswaran would describe, with eyebrows suitably arched and hands held out in a dramatic gesture, “The road was deserted and I was all alone. Suddenly I spotted something that looked like an enormous bushy beast lying sprawled across the road. I was half inclined to turn and go back. But as I came closer I saw that it was a fallen tree, with its dry branches spread out.”

Question 7.)

How does Iswaran narrate the story of the tusker?

Ans- When Iswaran told the story ofangry elephant, he became so excited and engrossed about own story that he started to jump around, stamped his feet on the ground to enact the actions of the crazy elephant during story-telling.

Question 8.)

What work did Mahendra do?

Ans- Mahendra was the Junior Supervisor at a construction company.

Question 9.)

Do you think Mahendra was a fussy man?

Ans- Mahendra was simple and less-demanding. He would accustom himself to all kinds of odd conditions. As such, he can’t be considered as a fussy man.

Question 10.)

Why has Iswaran been called an asset?

Ans- Iswaran used to cook delicious food, wash clothes for Mahendra. Iswaran used to accompany with Mahendra to all his job locations. Iswaran was also a very good story-teller.

Question 11.)

How had Iswaran controlled the elephant?

Ans- Iswaran got a stick and slammed over the elephant’s 3rd toenail with it. It was a Japanese technique which made the tusker paralyze temporarily.

Question 12.)

Why did Iswaran prepare a special dinner one night?

Ans- That was an auspicious day when people used to give food offerings to the souls of their ancestors.

Question 13.)

Do you think Mahendra was fearful of ghosts?

Ans- It is obvious that Mahendra was fearful, At the time of listening the horror story he scolded Iswaran and never listen. Even for few days he was disturbed during the night sleep.

Question 14.)

What did Mahendra see outside his window one dark night when he was woken up by a moaning sound?

Ans- When Mahendra woke up by a moaning sound, initially he thought it of feline however, out of curiosity, when he peeped out of his window, he saw a dark cloudy creature in the full-moon light. Started sweating in fear.

Question 15.)

How did Mahendra react to his ghostly misadventure?

Ans- When the next morning Iswaran confirmed about the presence of ghost, Mahendra really got scared. He went to his office and resigned from his job to leave the haunted site.

Iswaran the Storyteller Extra Questions and Answers Long Type:

1.) Do you think the title ‘Iswaran the Storyteller’ is appropriate?

Ans- The name “Iswaran the Storyteller” is justified as the story revolves around Iswaran’s exceptional skill for storytelling. Iswaran is portrayed as a master storyteller who can captivate his listeners with his tales. His storytelling style is highly impressive as he weaves elements of suspense, horror, and adventure into his stories. While the actual substance of his stories is less important, it is Iswaran’s storytelling ability that stands out. Hence, the title accurately reflects the central theme of the story.

2.) Describe the incident with the tusker.) What does it reveal about Iswaran’s character?

Ans- As per his story, once lswaran tackled a mad elephant by only a cane in his hand. He challenged the tusker face to face. When stood alone in front of the angered the beast and it tried to frighten Iswaran by trumpeting loudly and stamping its feet, kicking up a lot of mud and dust. However, Iswaran was stedy and mustered all his force and quickly whacked the third toenail of the tusker. The beast looked stunned for a moment, shivered from head to foot and collapsed. As per Iswaran it was a Japanese technique what had temporarily paralysed the beast.

It reflects Iswaran’s storytelling ability that stands out. He was inspired by Tamil stories and used to get indulged into iti

3.) Iswaran was a fantastic storyteller.) Comment.

Ans- Iswaran was a skilled storyteller who drew inspiration from popular Tamil thrillers. He added suspense to even the smallest details, using dramatic gestures to captivate his audience. His stories often had surprise endings, and he would sometimes leave them unfinished to keep his listeners guessing. Iswaran’s enthusiasm for storytelling was infectious, and he would jump and stamp his feet in excitement while narrating.

4.) Discuss the character of Mahendra.

Ans- Mahendra was junior site supervisor in a company. His job was transferrable. He was bachelor and very less demanding. Wherever he would transfer, he used to accompany by his cook Iswaran, a dynamic storyteller. Mahendra loved listening to the stories told by Iswaran at every night

5.) What did Mahendra see outside his window one dark night when he was woken up by a moaning sound? How did it affect him?

Ans- One full-moon night, Mahendra heard the sound of moaning and wailing near the window. He looked out of his window. He saw a dark cloudy form clutching a bundle. He thought it to be a female ghost. He sweated and fell back on the pillow.

6.) Do you think Mahendra was fearful of ghosts? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans- Mahendra appears to be afraid of ghosts due to Iswaran’s description of a woman ghost, which caused him to shiver. This fear seems to have intensified as he began feeling uneasy at night and kept checking outside to ensure there were no dark shapes.

7.) Why has Iswaran been called an asset? Who was he an asset to?

Ans- Iswaran was a skilled and obedient cook who could produce fresh vegetables seemingly out of nowhere, making him a valuable asset to Mahendra. Additionally, he was an excellent storyteller who made his tales vivid and engaging by using gestures and dramatic skills. His stories were full of action, suspense, and surprise. Listening to these stories was a favourite avocation for Mahendra.

He was an asset to Mahendra

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