Interrogative Pronoun for Class 1 – 5, 6 – 8 and 9, 10 Students

Interrogative pronouns in a sentence refer towards which are used to indicate questions or ask questions which we use in our daily life and can be detected easily. Interrogative pronouns are used to make questions and help us to find answers of something which we want to know. There are five interrogative pronouns and each pronoun is used to ask different and specific question or indirect question.

Examples: –

1.) Who is Pratibha?

Here, “who” is used, so it is an interrogative pronoun.

2.) Whose road is this?

Here, “whose” is used, so it is an interrogative pronoun.

3.) What do you do to solve your personal issues?

Here, “what” is used, so it is an interrogative pronoun.

There are five interrogative pronouns (excluding with suffixes) present in English grammar those are what, which, who, whom, and whose. Recognizing an interrogative is not that hard, you will get brief idea when you understand five main interrogative pronouns with their examples.


What – “What” word gives the answers of something informative.


1.) What do you mean by perception?

2.) What are the things you are most afraid of?

3.) Is anyone aware of what is happening?


Who- “Who” word gives the answer of someone identifying or recognizing the person and is related to a person and people.


Who is Aakash?

Who is that person standing beside my brother and staring at you?

Who are the people in my hostel staying with me?



Which – “Which” word gives the answer of identifying something specific in terms of people or things.


Which one you like more?

In which sport you are least interested?

Which is the most important thing you want in your life?


Like these, whom and whose have also their unique use in any sentence or question.


Now try to find out interrogative pronouns from the following sentences.

1.) Which player throws the basketball by leg?

2.) Who am I to you?

3.) What time do we need to present our presentation?

4.) Whose likely to have a baby?

5.) What is your mother’s name?

6.) Whom do you share your secrets?

7.) Which type of games do you play? Mobile or PC?

8.) Who was there with you last night?

9.) Which part you found difficult in economics?

10.) Nowadays, everyone became selfish. To whom can I trust?

Answers:- 1. which   2. who 3. what   4. whose  5. what  6. whom   7. which 8. who  9. which  10. whom

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