ICSE NumbersWiz Class 6 Math Solution

ICSE NumbersWiz Class 6 by SK Gupta Anughuti Gangal Math Book Solution Online ICSE NumbersWiz Class 6 Solution.

(1) Numbers

Ex 1A

Ex 1B

Ex 1C

Ex 1D

Ex 1E

Ex 1F

(2) Natural Numbers and Whole Numbers

Ex 2A

Ex 2B

Ex 2C

Ex 2D

Ex 2E

Ex 2F

(3) Negative Numbers and Integers

Ex 3A

Ex 3B

(4) Sets

Ex 4A

Ex 4B

Ex 4C

Ex 4D

Ex 4E

(5) Fractions

Ex 5a

Ex 5B

Ex 5C

(6) Decimal Fractions

Exercise 6A

Exercise 6B

Exercise 6C

(7) Playing with Numbers (7A 7B 7C 7D 7E 7F)

(8) Ratio and Proportion

(9) Percentage

(10) Speed Time and Distance

(11) Introduction to Algebra

(12) Linear Equation in One Variable

(13) Basic Geometrical Ideas (2D)

(14) Understanding Elementary Shapes

(15) Identification of 3D Shapes

(16) Symmetry (Reflection)

(17) Construction

(18) Perimeter and Area

(19) Data Handling

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