ICSE MCQ for Class 9 and Class 10

icse mcq questions and answersIndian Certificate of Secondary Education is one of the major important board in India. Our website provides you MCQs which is based on ICSE board. In ICSE board MCQs we are providing MCQ on each and every major and subtopics. In this we almost cover all the subjects of all faculties such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, geography, history and all the languages which are included in the syllabus of Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Board. Our main aim is to prepare students for theory exam as well as competitive exams which are held by the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Board.

In this project every student will get benefit who are preparing for various competitive exams. These MCQ work covers each and every small topic and provides answer with explanation on each MCQ. Students who are starting with basic study with smaller concepts they will get to know about all details about respective subject. Every question is provided with explanation of answer that why the particular answer should be correct and how other options are wrong. These kind of question will be helpful in preparing for examinations and get more knowledge about their subject. This work enhances the knowledge of students by correcting their concepts. Along with MCQs we are providing various resources which will be helpful for the students to establish success in various examinations and can get the maximum score with higher rank. The students can solve the questions and can watch their marks at the end of examination or after submitting the examination successfully. This MCQ test are time based test in which students can approximately manage the time accordingly. This MCQ based test available for maths, biology, chemistry, physics, civics, economics, banking, geography, history, Science, English, Hindi, Marathi. In this MCQs will be made available for each standard which are included in Indian Certificate of Secondary Education board.

ICSE Board MCQ – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics

We have designed all these MCQs by subject expert and examined by moderator hence we provide correct information about every subject and its in detail. This MCQ based work on the basis of syllabus of Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Board can strength their knowledge and clear concepts as well. After solving these question students are able to solve various critical concepts questions which they cannot solve earlier.

Our website provides conceptual notes on every topic and Multiple Choice Questions along with descriptive answer under the expert guidance by which student can understand tough topics in easy manner and can answer them as well. After submitting examination and getting score students confidence boost ultimately. Therefore students get interest in their respective subject. When students get interest in their subject their score ultimately increases.

We are providing each and every facility for students from lower class to higher class with detailed explanation of each and every question. Our website provides deailed question and answerson each topic and sub topic. We span the whole syllabus in this work and given MCQ on each type of concept and on every chapter.

Our website assist not only students, research scholars but also faculties who are willing to cover each topic and clear each concept. Therefore students can strengthen their knowledge by solving each and every question and score well in competitive examinations. Our website improves students problem solving ability, intellectual questions and ability to solve difficult questions in an easy manner.

Our work gives past year examination question or PYQs that is previous year questions and the most likely questions which can be ask in the upcoming examinations.

Therefore subscribe our you tube channel an get notified first about every single details about examinations. Students which are already enrolled have improve their knowledge and provided basic details about study. In this whole syllabus is covered by giving Multiple Choice Question on each and every sub topic.

All this facilities are provided by our website gives various benefits to the students and helps them to score well and higher grades in their exams. Results suggested the growth of even average students also. These all Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Board provided very good knowledge about each kind of topic included in syllabus.

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