ICSE Class 10 Biology MCQ Questions

ICSE Class 10 Biology MCQ Questions and Answer

icse class 10 biology mcqLooking for Class 10 ICSE Biology MCQ Questions? If yes, You are the right page. Here we have provided ICSE class 10 physics multiple choice questions and answers. All MCQ are important. This Objective Type Questions is based on latest syllabus according to 2023. This prescribed chapter mcq will help Board students to more prepare.

Class 10 Biology ICSE is a subject that deals with the study of living organisms and their environment. It covers topics such as genetics, physiology, biochemistry, ecology, and taxonomy. The objective of the course is to provide students with a basic understanding of the biology of plants and animals, so that they can apply this knowledge in various fields such as agriculture, forestry, natural resource management, and medicine.



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Hello! Thank you for your question. Generally, 10th class ICSE Biology syllabus covers all the concepts of biology that an average student should know at high school level. The main focus of the course is to impart knowledge in the context of current scientific research and developments in the field of biology. Apart from this, various topics like genetics, biochemistry, physiology, ecology etc. are also covered in detail. So, I would say that ICSE 10th class Biology syllabus is perfect for a student who wants to study biology in depth and cover all the important issues. share chapterwise class 10 mcq to the friendzone.

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