How, When and Where Class 8 Quiz

How, When and Where Class 8 Quiz Question with Answer. CBSE Class 8 History Lesson 1 Mock Test.

Question 1:

Who was the first Governor General of India?

(a) Canning

(b) Warren Hastings

(c) Wellesley

(d) Lawrence


(b) Warren Hastings.

Question 2:

Who was the last viceroy of India?

(a) Warren Hasting

(b) Lord Mountbatten

(c) Irwin

(d) Dalhousie


(b) Lord Mountbatten.

Question 3:

When was warren Hastings became the first Governor General of India?

(a) 1776

(b) 1773

(c) 1784

(d) 1760


(b) 1773.

Question 4:

Who wrote the book A history of British India

(a) Hastings

(b) James Mill

(c) Bentinck

(d) None of these


(b) James Mill.


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Question 5:

Who was James Mill?

(a) Governor General

(b) Scottish economist & philosopher

(c) British ambassador

(d) None of these


(b) Scottish economist & philosopher.

Question 6:

When was James Mill published a history of British India

(a) 1718

(b) 1817

(c) 1820

(d) 1819


(b) 1817.

Question 7:

James Mill divided Indian history into period

(a) Two

(b) Five

(c) Seven

(d) Three


(d) Three.

Question 8:

James Mill divided India history into three period of

(a) Hindu

(b) Muslim

(c) British

(d) All of these


(d) All of these.

Question 9:

Census operations were held every-years.

(a) Five

(b) Six

(c) Ten

(d) Every year


(c) Ten.

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