Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 7 The Little Fir Tree Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 7 Solution – The Little Fir Tree. Here in this post we provides Class 5 English The Little Fir Tree Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class V Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 5 English Chapter 7 The Little Fir Tree Solution:


I.) Tick (√) the correct options that complete the following sentences.

1) The pretty little fir tree was happy with

the gold leaves but…

 a goat came along and ate them.

 all the leaves got wet in rain.

 a man stole them.(√)

2) The fir tree was sad…

 because it had yellow leaves.

 because it had needle-like leaves. (√)

 because it was very short.

3) The fir tree was not happy with the gold


 because a goat came and ate them up.

 because a man stole them.(√)

 the gold leaves broke.

4) The third wish of the fir tree was…

 to have green leaves.

 to have glass leaves.(√)

 to get its needles back.

II.) Answer the following questions.

1) Where did the magician take shelter?

Ans: – The magician take shelter under a fir tree.

2) What was the first wish of the fir tree?

Ans: – The first wishes of the fir trees that should have all green leaves.

3) What happened after the first wish of the fir tree was fulfilled?

Ans: – The fir trees was in joy but a goat ate the leaves and then want gold leaves.

4) Why did the fir tree wish to have gold leaves?

Ans: – The fir trees thought if he has gold leaves then nobody ate it.

5) What happened to the fir tree’s gold and glass leaves?

Ans: – The gold leaves stolen by a man and the glass trees broken by the wind.

6) How did the fir tree feel when it got its needles back again?

Ans: – He was very happy with the old needle like trees.

7) What is the writer trying to tell through the story?

Ans: – The writer trying to tell us that which things id with us we must be happy with that high expectations doesn’t makes anyone happy.

III.) In the story the fir tree helped the magician by saving him from the rain. The magician became happy. Now write in the appropriate column the following actions which would make people happy or unhappy.

respectingelders;not saying ‘thank you’;

being polite; playing with friends;

visiting a sick friend; not sharing things;

watching television all day;telling lies;

beinggreedy;being honest;

beingselfish;wasting water;

caring for pets; getting angry;

plantingtrees;laughing at others;

keeping place neat and clean; throwing waste material here and there;

Ans: –

Action that makes people happy Action that make people unhappy.
respecting elders not saying ‘thank you’
Being polite Not sharing things
playing with friends; Telling lie
visiting a sick friend Being greedy
watching television all day Being selfish
Being honest Wasting water
Caring for pets Getting angry
Planting trees Laughing at others


I.) Rewrite the following sentences by changing the highlighted words with their opposites. One has been done for you.

The magician saw a pretty little fir tree.

Ans: – The magician saw a ugly little fir tree.

1) Soon the dancing and singing stopped.

Ans: – Soon the dancing and singing going on.

2) The master has been very kind to the servant.

Ans: – The master has been very rude to the servant.

3) There were marks of little steps on the ground.

Ans: – There were no marks of little steps on the ground.

4) It is very cold today.

Ans: – Its very hot today.

5) I lost my notebook.

Ans: – I get back my notebook.

6) The day is very bright today.

Ans: – The day is very cloudy today.

II.) The nouns in Column A are changed to common nouns in Column B by adding the suffix ‘-Ian’. Notice that if a noun ends in ‘-y’, ‘-y’ is deleted before adding ‘-ian’. One has been done in each box.

Ans: –

Column A Column B
magic magician
music musician
optic optician
grammar grammarian


Column A Column B
comedy comedian
history Historian
library librarian
custody custodian

 III.) Now fill in the blanks with names of professionals.

1) A ___librarian_________ is a person who takes care of books in a library.

2) A ___grammarian_________ is a person who studies grammar.

3) A ___entertainer_________ is a person who plays tricks for entertainment.

4) A ___musician_________ is a person who plays music.

5) An __seller__________ is a person who makes or sells lenses.

6) A ____historian________ is a person who writes history.

7)  A ___joker_________ is a person who makes you laugh.

8)  A __nurse__________ is a person who cares for something or someone.


I) Complete the following sentences using verbs in the appropriate past tense. One has been done for you.

When I __reached__ (reach) home yesterday, my grandmother was __praying_______ (pray) .

1)  What were you __doing______ (do) when I __called_______ (call) you last night?

2) I ____was sitting_____ (sit) in the café when the telephone bell ___ringing_____ (ring) .

3) When we ___reached_______ (reach) the station, the passengers __was boarding________

(board)  the train.

4) I ____was watching_______ (watch) T.V. when someone ___knocked________ (knock) at the door.

5) When the mother ___entered__ (enter) the room, the child _was crying_________(cry) .

III.) Fill in the blanks by using the correct forms of the verbs given in the brackets.

Our class ___went___ (go) to the Pragati Maidan yesterday. But Deepak, our class monitor, ____not came_________ (not come) . I __meet___________ (meet) my cousin at Gate No. 6. We __have decided__________ (decide) to visit Haryana Pavilion. We ___reached_________ (reach) there soon. There was not a long queue at the entrance of the stall. A boy was eating ice cream. He ____threw________(throw)  the empty cup on the ground. But I _____asked_______ (ask) him to put it into the dustbin. He __not liked__________ (not like) it at first but when we ____explained________ (explain) the importance of cleanliness, he _____felt_______(feel)  sorry and _____agreed________ (agree)  to our advice.


I) Write a paragraph describing how your school celebrated ‘Vanamahotsav’ this year. Remember to include the following points:

  • Importance of Vanamahotsav
  • When and how it was celebrated
  • The Chief-Guest
  • Number of plants planted
  • Vote of thanks

Ans: –

‘Vanamahotsav’ is necessary steps which must be taken by every institution seriously as day by day the importance of the forest are increasing in this changing world. If we follow this in monsoon season then it will be very effective. As a special guest we are inviting Mr Kumar a renowned social reformer from our area. We set a target of 1000 tree plantation in this year. We hope everyone should gave this as much importance as we are giving.

II) A tree has been cut near your house. Write a letter to the Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of your city/locality complaining about the cutting of the tree.

Date: ____11/5/22_________

The Commissioner

Municipal Corporation of Gurugram


Dear Sir,

There is 25 years old banyan tree in our locality which is widely disperse. This tree is has been cut by the local club authority for development purpose. It is my humble request sir please takes further necessary steps to stop tree cutting in this area. Thank you.

Your faithfully,

Sekhar Sharma.

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