Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 4 Our Friend, Computer Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 4 Solution – Our Friend, Computer. Here in this post we provides Class 5 English Our Friend, Computer Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class V Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 5 English Chapter 4 Our Friend, Computer Solution:


I.) Read the following statements. Write (T) in the box if the statement is true and (F) if it is false.

1) Computer cannot draw beautiful pictures and design buildings. (T)

2) Computer can make all kinds of calculations.(T)

3) Keyboard is the brain of the computer.(F)

4) Even blind people can use the computer very effectively.(T)

5) Printer produces printed copies of the output.(T)

II.) Answer the following questions.

1) Which part of computer is called its brain?

Ans: – CPU is called the brain of computer.

2) Which lines in the lesson show the importance of computer in our life?

Ans: – The line is “You can

See me in shops, offices, banks, hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges, post offices, railway stations, bus stands, sea ports, airports and many other

important places.”

3) What is the soul of the computer?

Ans: – The soul of the computer is software.

4) What is the function of a printer?

Ans: – The function of printer is to taking out the printout of different things like image, letter, notice etc.

5) How is computer your friend?

Ans: – The computer is useful in almost everywhere now in many of use it in our home as everything todays done by it it’s know as our friends.


I.) Now complete the following sentences using ‘can’ or ‘cannot’.

1) Computer ___can_________ store all the information.

2) She is weak in mathematics. She ___cannot_________ solve this problem.

3) The mouse of the computer ___cannot________ run like the mouse that runs around our house.

4) Computer ____cannot________ walk and talk just like robot.

5) We ____can________ send messages to any part of the world very quickly using e-mail.

6) He is a computer expert. He ___can_________ handle all kind of tasks.

7) I ___cannot_________ serve you tea because there is no milk.

8) Rahim _____can_______ speak English very well.

II.) Read the following paragraph and identify nouns, verbs and pronouns. Write them in the given table.

One day the librarian asked him, “Do you really read the books or return them without reading?” Narendra said, “Of course, sir, I thoroughly read all the books borrowed from the library. You may ask me any question from these books.” The librarian took out a book and asked him some questions. Narendra answered all the questions correctly. The librarian was amazed at his sharp memory and understanding.

Ans: –

Noun pronoun verb
Narendra books Read, asked
Librarian Library Borrowed
  Questions answered

 III. Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs.

1)  They __visited_________ (visit) the zoo tomorrow.

2)  He ___will be________ (be) in Chandigarh next week.

3) Wait, I ___am doing________ (do) this.

4) My friend __will buy_________ (buy) bicycle next month.

5) She __did_________ (do) her homework tomorrow.

6) It __will be_________ (be) sunny tomorrow.


I.) Complete the following paragraph on ‘Cell Phones’ with the help of words from the box.

Touch; cell phone; tell;children; waste; help;

Emergency;call;time; play; come;

Cell phones __help_________ us to keep ourselves in __touch_________ with our relatives and friends. We __call__________ a doctor, a plumber or an electrician when we need. We __tell__________ our families/office when we are in _____emergency_______. However, children ___waste_________ a lot of __time__________when they ___play_________ games on the ___cell phone_________.

I.) Write a paragraph of 4-5 sentences on the ‘Uses of Computer’.

Ans: – Computer is very useful in our daily life. Now a days everything is dependent on computer. If we want to go anywhere we uses computer for booking. Computer is the main medium of reading in today’s life. We also spend some time by playing game in computer.

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