Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 3 Flying Together Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 3 Solution – Flying Together. Here in this post we provides Class 5 English Flying Together Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class V Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 5 English Chapter 3 Flying Together Solution:


I.) State whether the following statements are true or false. Write T for true and F for false statement in the box.

1) There was no wise bird in the forest. (F)

2) A flock of parrots lived in the tree. (F)

3) The hunter climbed up the tree with the help of a ladder.(F)

4) When caught in the net, the foolish birds began to say “Help! Help!” (T)

5) The hunter did not throw the geese one by one on ground. (F)

6) The wise old bird helped the foolish birds to escape. (T)

II.) Answer the following questions.

1) Where did the geese live?

Ans: – The gees live in deep forest above a tree in leafy branches.

2) What advice did the old bird give to the other birds?

Ans: – The old bird gave advice to the other bird that they should cut the creeps unless when it grew up the hunter will came with the help of it.

3) Why did the old bird advise the other birds to destroy the creeper?

Ans: – The old bird advice the other birds because this creepers when grow up the hunter with the help of it came up.

4) What did the hunter do to trap the geese?

Ans: – The hunter make a trap with the help of net for trapping the geese.

5) Why did the geese cry, “Help? Help!”?

Ans: – As the geese stuck in the net they called for help for come out from that.

6) Why did the geese pretend to be dead?

Ans: – The geese pretend to be dead because while doing this the hunter would thought these are dead and throw them out and they will be free.


I.) Fill in the blanks with appropriate collective nouns from the box.

team ;colony; bunch;pack ; crowd;

swarm; army;bundle;  herd ; group;

1) The _____team_____ of players is trying hard to win the game.

2) A ___colony______ of children went for a picnic last Sunday.

3) A ___bunch_______ of flowers looks very beautiful.

4) A ____crowd_____ of people followed the hero.

5) An __army______ of soldiers marched on the Rajpath on the Republic Day.

6) A ____group_____ of buffaloes was seen in the pond.

7) A ___swarm_______ of bees has made a hive in the tree.

8) A ____pack______ of books is lying on the table.

9) The wood cutter asked his sons to bring a ____bundle______ of sticks.

10) A ___herd_______ of ants is the place where ants live.

II.) Write new words from the following words by removing the first letter in each case. One has been done for you.

Ans: –

small mall all
price rice ice
stable table able
stone tone one
blink link ink
chair hair air
strain train rain
cheat heat eat


I) Pick out words from the lesson which are opposite in meaning to the following words and write them in the space provided.

Ans: –

Domestic Outsider
alive dead
strong weak
Remember forget
save Remove


Bottom Above
Earlier Latter
Front Back
Thick fat
Slowly Hurry



I.) Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions of time and place.

1) My birthday falls __on_______ June 10.

2) Christmas always comes ___in_______ December.

3) Look __at________ the picture __in________ page 2.

4) We don’t go to school ___in_______ Sunday.

5) My uncle lives __in________ Delhi.

6) Our school starts ___in_____ 8.30 a.m. and closes __at_______ 2.30 p.m.

7) We play carom __in________ the evening.

8) There was a big crowd ___in______ the platform ___at______ the railway station.

9) I took off my clothes and jumped ___in_______ the pond.

10)  Hang this picture ___on_______ the front wall.

Put inverted commas (“……….”) and comma ( ,)  in the sentences given

below and rewrite the sentences in your notebook.

1) The teacher said open your book.

Ans: – The teacher said, “Open the book?”

2) The doctor said to me take a glass of milk daily.

Ans: – The doctor said to me, “Take a glass of milk.”

3) Let us make salad said Dinesh to his friend.

Ans: -“Let us make salad?” said Danish to his friend.

4) My father said you must think before you speak.

Ans: – My father said,“You must think before you speak.”

5) Don’t play in the sun said my mother?

Ans: – “Don’t play in the sun?” said my mother.

6) My friend said to me let’s go for a walk.

Ans: – My friend said to me,” Let’s go for a walk?”

7) Please give me a glass of water said my brother.

Ans: – “please give me a glass of water?” said my brother.

8) Do you like to play hockey? asked the teacher.

Ans: – “Do you like to play hockey?” asked the teacher.

III.) Rearrange the words to form meaningful sentences. One has been done for you.

Remember that a sentence always begins with a capital letter.

For/wait/me. ____wait for me_____________

1) are/playing/they/football?

____They are playing football_____________

2) sun/the/brightly/shining/is.

____The sun is shining brightly______________

3) tree/was/there/big/a?

_____There is a big tree______________

4) is/very/it/small.

___It is very small________________

5) i/catch/shall/the ball?

_____I shall catch the ball_____



I) Look at the pictures and develop a story by using the words given in the box. Give a suitable title to the story. The beginning and the end of the story have been given.

An old man; four sons; quarrelled;

fell ill ; sticks;  broke;

bundle of sticks; unable to break;  decided not to quarrel;

Ans: –

There live an old man. He has four son. All times they quarrelled each other. One day he fell ill. He thought a plan. He gave a single sticks to all his son and asked to break it. They easily break that. Again he gave a bundle of sticks each one but they don’t. And by that incident they learn a lesson that they should remain in a group. Finally they decided not to quarrel with each other.

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