Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 2 The Lion King Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 5 English Chapter 2 Solution – The Lion King. Here in this post we provides Class 5 English The Lion King Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class V Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 5 English Chapter 2 The Lion King Solution:


I.) Which of the following sentences are spoken by the Lion King? Tick (√)  them.

1) My kingdom was never beautiful.(×)

2) My birds sang the sweetest songs.(√)

3) None of the hilly tribes lived with us.(×)

4)  I was proud of my kingdom.(√)

5)  Many of my subjects died.(√)

6)  People destroyed the forest in spite of its benefits.(√)

II.) Answer the following questions.

1.) How did the forest look before the civilized people came there?

Ans: – The forest was beautiful with water springs, pools, hills, valleys, and many a wonderful scenery before the civilized people came here.

2) How did the hill tribes look upon the forest?

Ans: – The hill tribes looks upon the forest as their god.

3) Who were responsible for the destruction of the forest? How did they destroy it?

Ans: – The civilization is responsible for the destruction of forest. As this cut the trees, rob the resources, killed or capture the animal of the forest by the people.

4)  Pick out words/phrases in paragraphs 5-6 that show the anger of the king of the forest.

Ans: – The word which show that the forest King is angry is greedy, selfish, destruction, hunter, smuggler, captured etc.

5) What steps do we need to take to protect the forest?

Ans: – The steps which we should take to protect the forest is we must arrange a campaign for stopping the deforestation as well as protection of the wild animals.


I.) Write the words related to the given words in the boxes. One has been done for you.

Ans: –

II.) Match the following animals with their young ones.

Ans: –

Lion cub
deer fawn
horse Colt
cow calf
cat kitten
dog puppy
rabbit Bunny

 III.) Match the following animals with their living places.

Ans: –

lion den
dog kennel
horse stable
cow shed
snake hole
rabbit burrow

 I) Complete the following group of words (similes) by using appropriate words from the Help Box.

Elephant; snail; lion; rabbit;

bee; lamb ;wolf ; bat;

1) as brave as a ___wolf_______

 2)  as blind as a ___snake_______

3) as gentle as a __bat________

 4) as big as an __elephant________

5) As hungry as a ____lion______

6) as timid as a ____rabbit______

7)  as slow as a ____snail______

8) As busy as a ___bee_______


Pick out nouns and verbs from the paragraph given below and put them in the appropriate columns. One has been done for you.

The hill tribes also lived with us. They were happy with what the forest gave them. They worshipped forest as God. They enjoyed the touch of the earth, the smell of the air and the taste of the freshness. And most of all, they loved the forest and respected our freedom.

Ans: –

Noun Verb
Tribes lived
God gave


I.) Last week you went to a zoo with your parents. Describe your visit to the zoo keeping in mind the following hints:

  • when you went
  • with whom you went
  • things you took with you
  • how you felt to see the animals

Ans: – Last week Sundays I have visited the zoo with my parents at 11 a.m. when I visited that place I carried some food an and my hand bag. We have roaming around the zoo about 2 hours. After that I came back home with sweet memory.

II.) Read the following.

A rabbit was very proud of being a fast runner. He boasted of it all the time. He began to laugh on seeing a tortoise moving slowly.

‘Why do you laugh?’ asked the tortoise. ‘Because you are so slow,’ answered the rabbit. The tortoise didn’t like it and challenged the rabbit to have a race with him.

Now describe in the space given below what may have happened next.

Ans: – The things which would happen next is they would go for a race. As Rabbit is confident of winning he gets some rest while tortoise would run. At the end of the race when Rabbit get up he see that tortoise has already won the race.

III.) Look at the picture of a lion. Write 4-5 sentences about the lion. You may use the information given below.

kind of animal: – wild

knownas: – the king of forest

qualities: – brave, fearless, powerful

physical features: – sharp teeth and claws

where found: – dense forest.

Ans: – Lion is a wild animal. It thought himself the king of the forest. It is very brave and fearless as it is powerful. It has sharp teeth and claws for tearing the flesh. It mostly lived in forest.

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