Haryana SCERT Class 4 English Chapter 13 Travelling, Travelling Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 4 English Chapter 13 Solution – Travelling, Travelling. Here in this post we provides Class 4 English Travelling, Travelling Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class IV Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 4 English  Chapter 13  Travelling, Travelling Solution:


Answer the following questions.

1) Which means of transport do people use while travelling on the water?

Ans: – People use the transport like car in ground or road, boat in water, plane in air etc.

2) Which means of transport run on the track?

Ans: – The vehicle which run on track is bike, bus, train, car, rickshaw etc.

3) Which moves faster, a boat or a ship?

Ans: – The ship moves faster than boat.

4) Which means of transport do you think is the most expensive?

Ans: – The plane for travelling in air is most expensive for transport.

5) How would you like to travel? And why?

Ans: – We would like to travel because of mental peace and also willing to see different places.

Vocabulary: –

Complete the following sentences after making necessary changes to the words given in the box. One has been done for you.

teach ;dance; sing; play; make; drive;

e.g. Sahil sings songs.

He is a _____singer____________.

1) God has made us.

 He is our _______maker_____________.

2) Mr. Sube Singh teaches us English.

 He is our English ____teacher________________.

3) Some boys are playing in the ground.

 They are ________player____________.

4) Lata dances very well.

 She is a good _______dancer_____________.

5) My uncle drives a school bus.

 He is a _____driver_______________.


II) Now define the following. One has been done for you

A joker: – A joker is a person who makes us happy.

1)  A photographer: – A photographer takes someone photo.

2) A fruit seller: – A fruit sepler is person who sells fruit.

3) A gardener: – A gardener is a person who looks after a garden.

4)  A reader: – Who reads books.

5) A cricketer: – Who plays cricket.

6) A plumber: – Who do work of our pipeline.

7)  A painter: – The person who takes printout.

8)  A helper: – Who helps any person.


II) Read the following sentences and tick (√) whether words in italics have been used as nouns (N) or verbs (V).

1) Raju was the first to bat. V/ N

Ans: – Noun

2) He bought a very costly bat. V, N

Ans: – Noun

3) The cook spoiled the food. V ,N

Ans: – verb.

4) My mother cooks tasty food V,N.

Ans: – Verb.

5)  I drink milk everyday V,N.

Ans: – Noun.

6) My mother milks the cow every day. V,N.

Ans: – Verb

7) Please sit in a row. V, N.

Ans: – Noun.

8) They row boats on Pongal festival. V,N.

Ans: – Verb.

9) I fly kites on the Independence Day. V,N.

Ans: – Verb.

10) A fly kept disturbing me. V, N.

Ans: – Noun.


Read the following phrases.

on the water ; on the wall ; on the table;

on the rails ; through the window;  round the tree;

round the pole ; in the air;  in the ground;

in the room ; in the bag ; through the sky;


Complete the sentences by using some of the phrases given above.

1) Duck swims _____on the water___________

2) The ball is _____________through the window__

3) Pratigya is looking _____through the window___

4) The boys are dancing___in the room_________

5) The insect is climbing _________round the tree___

6)  The children are playing _____in the ground____

7) The train is running _____on the rail________

8)  The aeroplane is flying ___through the sky____


II) Now use the correct forms of verbs given in brackets to express future time.

1)  I _____will help______ (help) you with your homework in the evening today.

2) She ___will be________ (be) here very soon.

3) They _____will come______ (come) at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.

4) Will you ___call________ (call) me next week?

5) We ____will not return_______ (not, return) before next month.

6)  It ____will be raining_______ (rain) tomorrow.

7) We ____will not_______ (not, stay) at home this Sunday.

8) My mother ____will bake_______ (bake) a cake for my birthday party next Monday.

9) I _____will take______ (take) you with me next month.

10)  Ankita __will take _________ (take) part in the competition today.

11) Will it ____be_______ (be)  very hot next summer?

12) I ____will see_______ (see)  you next week.



Suppose you have fallen sick. You are unable to go to school. Complete the application for sick leave.

Ans: –

The Head Teacher.                                      Date: – 5thSep

Government convent Primary School

Your place___

Respected Sir,

I am a class IV student of your school. I was absent for three days due to my fever. Please grant me leave for some days.

Yours faithfully,

Sekhar Sharma

Class: – IV

Roll No:- 12


Your father is taking you to Delhi for a wedding. Write an application to the Headmaster requesting him to grant you leave for three days.

Ans: –

The headmaster.                                       Date: – 5th Sep

Government convent primary school

Kolkata: – 700023

Respected Sir,

I, Sekhar Sharma a student of class IV of your school. I am going a marriage ceremony for my elder sister in Delhi with my parents. So, if you grant my leave I will be thankful to you.

Yours faithfully,

Sekhar Sharma

Class: – IV

Roll: – 12

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