Haryana SCERT Class 4 English Chapter 11 Saving trees Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 4 English Chapter 11 Solution – Saving trees. Here in this post we provides Class 4 English Saving trees Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class IV Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 4 English Chapter 11 Saving trees Solution:


I) Tick (✓) the correct statements.

1) Anaro’s village was on the bank of the river Alaknanda. (✓)

2) Anaro never felt happy in the forest. (✓)

3) Anaro played under ash trees. (✓)

4) All the women of the village joined the army.(×)

5) The women of the village cut trees.(×)

6) Men from the timber company killed Anaro’s grandma.(×)

7) If we cut down trees, landslides are caused. (✓)


II) Answer the following questions.

1) Where did Anaro live?

Ans: – Anaro lives in a mountain village in Gharwal Himalayas.

2) What did people get from the forest?

Ans: – People gets firewood, fodder for their cattle, and wood and farm tools from the forest.

3) What caused landslides and flood in the river?

Ans: – The cutting of trees caused the landslide and flood in the river.

4) What did the village women do to stop men from cutting down trees?

Ans: – The village woman saying Chipko hug the trees and stop the men from cutting down trees.

5) What do trees give us?

Ans: – Trees gave us fresh air, shadow, fruits etc. This trees have gave impact in our daily life.


I) Some incomplete words associated with trees are given below. Fill in the missing letters.

b__rk; 2. t__mb__r ;3. r__s__n;

f__rew__d; 5. s__ad__w ;6. f__re__t;

1) b_a_rk

2) t_i_mb_e_r

 3) r_e_s_i_n

4)  f_i_rew_oo_d

 5)  s_h_ad_o_w

6) f_o_re_s_t


Tick (3) the correct options in the following sentences.

1)  Did you (write (√) /right) the diary yesterday?

2)  Her (hair (√) /hare) is curly.

3) The (floor (√) /flour) is slippery.

4) My (sun/son (√) ) is in army.

5) He believes in (piece/peace (√)).

6) This (rod/road (√)) is made of (steel/steal).


I) Punctuate the following sentences using the capital letters, full stops and question marks where necessary.

1) We fly kites on baisakhi

Ans: – We fly kites on Baisakhi.

2) we live in a big house in sonepat

Ans: – We live in a big house in Sonepat.

3) I can speak hindi and english

Ans: – I can speak Hindi and English.

4) My mother ran out to alert the neighbours

Ans: – My mother ran out to alter the neighbours.

5)  they are enjoying a hindi movie

Ans: – They are enjoying a hindi movie.

6)  where is my pen

Ans: – Where is my pen?

7)  do you play in the evening

Ans: – Do you play in the evening?

8)  my sister works in mysore

Ans: – My sister works in Mysore.

9) i listen to news daily

Ans: – I listen to news daily.

10)  ravi is an intelligent boy

Ans: – Ravi is an intelligent boy.


II) Rearrange the words in each row to make meaningful sentences.

One has been done for you.

e.g. daily /read/I/newspaper

Ans: – I read newspaper daily.

1) bird/beautiful/peacock/a/is

Ans: – Peacock is beautiful bird.

2) playing/are/in/children/the park

Ans: – Children are playing in the park.

3) give/flowers/sweet/us/smell

 Ans: – Flowers give us sweet smell.

4) many/trees/were/there/fruit/in the garden

Ans: – There were any trees in the garden.

5) there/cow/in/a/was/the field

Ans: – There was a cows in the field.

6) raining/is/it/heavily

Ans: – It is raining heavily.

7) up the wall/ant/the/climbing/was

Ans: – The ant was climbing up the wall.

8) our’s/we/celebrate/Republic Day/on 26th January

Ans: – We celebrate our Republic Day on 26th January.


III) Complete the following sentences with the most appropriate adverb from the box.

Brightly; quickly; loudly; easily;

carelessly ;silently; slowly; neatly;

1) The children love to sing ___loudly__________.

2) Read your lesson _____neatly________.

3) Walk ____slowly_________ as the road is slippery.

4) The sun is shining ____brightly_________.

5) Do your work __quickly___________.

6) Come here _____silently________. You have to see this.

7) He put the vase ___carelessly__________ on the table. It fell on the floor.

8) This sum is very easy. You can solve it ___easily__________.


I) Write at least five sentences on the ‘Uses of Trees’.

Ans: – Trees are very necessary for the living organisms as it provides important oxygen to them. Trees gave us fresh air. Trees gave us fruit, flower and shelter also. The wood fro. Trees are used for making the different object like table, chair etc.

Your school is celebrating ‘Swachh Bharat Day’. Make a list of Dos and Don’ts.

Ans: –

Dos Don’t
Spread awareness about cleanliness. Don’t throw unused plastic outside here and there.
Always keep the unused object in dustbin. Don’t throw domestic pollutants in a pond it would create mosquito.
Try to uses plastic less object. Don’t make the road infront your home dirty.


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