Haryana SCERT Class 3 English Chapter 3 Walking with Grandpa Solution

Haryana SCERT Class 3 English Chapter 3 Solution – Walking with Grandpa. Here in this post we provides Class 3 English Walking with Grandpa Haryana State Board Solution.  Haryana State Board English Class III Medium Students can download this Solution to Solve out Exercise Questions and Answers.

Haryana State Board Class 3 English Chapter 3 Walking with Grandpa Solution:


Answer the following questions.

1.) Why does Grandpa walk slowly?

Ans: – Grandpa walks slowly as he takes time while walking as well as his steps also short.

2) Pick out the words that describe Grandpa and write them.

Ans: – The word which describe that Grandpa is unrushed and young.

3) Why does the child not like to walk with other people?

Ans: – The child doesn’t like to walk with other because they walk fast as compared to child.

4) Is the child happy to walk with Grandpa? Why?

Ans: – Yes the child like to walk with Grandpa as his steps as like the child and both of then walks slow.


I.) Write the members of your family in the boxes given below. One has been done for you.

Ans: –

II.) Rearrange the letters of alphabet given below to make words that you find in the poem.

t s p o ____stop_________

s o m t ___most__________

r u y h r ____hurry_________

g o y u n ___young__________

III.) Rearrange the following words in alphabetical order.

Uncle; aunt; brother; sister; father

Mother; nephew; cousin; grandfather











Circle the subject and underline the predicate in the sentences given below. (Here Bold mentioned subject and underlined as predicate)

1) Grandfather walksslowly.

2) She sangabeautifulsong.

3) Teacher taughtusa new lesson.

4) Geeta speaks English fluently.

5) Lion is the king of jungle.

6) Our house is very big.

7) The Independence Day of India is celebrated on August 15.

8) Alarge crowd greeted him at the airport.

For the teacher

Tell children that we can identify the subject in a sentence by asking the question, ‘What is the sentence about?’ The answer to this question will give us the ‘subject’ of the sentence.

II) Fill in the blanks with the words from the Help Box.

He;I; They;We; It; She

1) Tina is a good girl. __She_____ is my friend.

2) My name is Anuj. ___I____ study in class III.

3) Raman is very intelligent. ___He____ does his homework everyday.

4) I have a pen. __It_____ is very expensive.

5) I have five members in my family. ____We___ live happily.

6) Children are playing. __They_____ are shouting with joy.

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