Gujarat State Board Class 9 Computer Ch 11 Tables and Mail Merge Solution

Gujarat Board Class 9 Solution Computer Chapter 11 Tables and Mail Merge Exercise Solution here in this Post.


GSEB Gujarat State

9 Class



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Tables and Mail Merge

Gujarat Board Class 9 Computer Chapter 11 Tables and Mail Merge Solution:

1)  Choose the most appropriate option from those given below:-

1) Before creating table, deciding on number of rows and columns

Answer: b) is a good idea because planning saves time and efforts.

2) Write shortcut key is used to insert table in a document?

Answer: d) CTRL+F12.

3) The default table size is

Answer: c) 2 columns, 2 rows.

4) Which of the following moves the insertion point to the previous cell?

Answer: b) SHIFT+TAB

5) What is the shape of the mouse pointer when drawing a table?

Answer: a) Pencil.

6) Which shortcut key is used to insert row and column?

Answer: b) ALT+INSERT.

7) Which shortcut key is used to delete row or column?

Answer: b) ALT+DELETE.

8) How a table can be deleted?

Answer: d) All of the above.

 9) Which of the following is valid type of data source in mail merge?

Answer: d) All of these.

10) The default file name of data source in mail merge is

Answer: c) …\Addresses.odb .

11) What is the short-cut key to print a document?

Answer: a) CTRL+P.

12) What are the five options that appear on print dialog box?

Answer: c) Printer, Properties, Print Range, Copies, Options.

13) The default orientation of a page in Writer is

 Answer: a) Portrait.

14) The size of a letter page is

Answer: a) Width- 8.50″ and Height- 11.00″

15) Which four margins can be set from Margin section?

 Answer: b) Top, Bottom, Left, Right.

2) State whether the following statements are true or false?

 1) The text written in Header and Footer is printed on each page of the document.               True

 2) The page number appears with grey background and is printed with background.            False

3) When splitting a table into two tables, the Heading row(s) are copied in the second table automatically if repeated heading option is checked.                             True

4) Writer creates a table as wide as the page area.                      True

 5) A new column is created in table by pressing tab key.            True

 6) Only one row can be specified as a heading of a table.           True

 7) The default alignment of the text in the cell is top-center of the cell.            False

 8) Cells in the same row or same column can be merged only.          True

 9) Mail Merge is used to prepare multiple copies of same document.        False

 10) The Form letter contains the variable information in mail merge.           True

 11) The portrait and landscape orientations are set in Paper option under properties.           True

12) In Print Range by default current page is selected for printing.             False

13) The Collate option in Copies will print page wise specified number of copies of documents. True

14) By default the page size is A4.                  False

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