Gujarat State Board Class 7 Social Science Sem 2 Ch 6 Mughal Empire Golden age and Downfall Solution

Gujarat Board Class 7 Solution Semester 2 History Chapter 6 Mughal Empire Golden age and Downfall Exercise Solution here in this Post. Gujarat State Board Class 7 English Medium Social Science Chapter 6 Solution from Semester 2 Book.

Board GSEB Gujarat State
Textbook 7 Class
Semester 2 (Two)
Medium English
Subject Social Science (History)
Chapter 6
Chapter Name Mughal Empire Golden age and Downfall

Gujarat Board Class 7 Social Science Sem 2 (History) Chapter 6 Mughal Empire Golden age and Downfall Solution:

Question 1:

(1) What kind of arrangements were made in the Mughal era to ensure ‘Justice’ to all?

Ans. In the era of Mughal dynasty there were always a glimpse og the system of justice. The rulers at this time were religious artists and the best rulers. There fame still amonges us today. We do not see any picture of discrimination in the social system of that era. The system of Governance was the same for every one as the legal system was same. And as everything was fine, the villagers were self dependent. they made many daily necessities goods themselves. We can see, The mughal era is considered to be a peaceful era. And the art of sculpture was so advanced in this era that there was a system of respect for all.

(2) A lot of monuments were constructed during Shah Jahan’s reign because …

Ans. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan is better known to us as an art lover than a warrior. He was very interested in building architectural sculpture. He had a keen interest in art. Shah Jahan established a new city near Delhi and named it Shahajahanabad. He constructed many grand buildings there. He constructed world famous monuments like the Tajmahal, Diwan-e-Aam and Diwan-e-Khas in the Red Fort, Rang Mahal, Moti Masjid, Jama Masjid of Delhi etc.

(3) Why did the decline of the vast Mughal Empire start during the reign of Aurangzeb?

ans. The downfall of the Mughal empire started in the later years of Shahjahan. Aurangazebs weak policies too proved fatal. Aurangazeb struggle continuously. Aurangazeb dislike art, Music and painting. He is getting too old, struggle for the throne broke out. There was no capable ruler who keep everybody together. Aurangagebs narrow minded policies were responsible for the end of the Mughal.

Question 2:

(1) During the Mughal era, most of the foreign trade was routed through the ports of Gujarat.

ans. During the Mughal era Gujrati traders conducted business on a large scale and large volume of goods were imported and exported from the ports of Gujarat like Khambhat, Surat, Bharuch and many ports of Bengal.

(2) People became more pleasure-loving during Shah Jahan’s reign.

Ans. During the reign of Shaha Jahan the people became more pleasure caring.

They all led a life of pleasure. Nababiana was manifested in their manners and customs. Their standard of living was very high. They used to wear expensive clothes as well as expensive Jewelery. Both men and women wore Jewelry. The numbers of clothes made in Rajmahal every year was more than a thousand. Moreover a lot of money was spent on Puja Parvan at that time.  Festivals were celebrated with a lot of pomp and grandeur.

Question 3

(1) Shah Jahan and architecture

ans. During the reign of the Mughal emperor many reigns took place. The reign of Shah Jahan was memorable. During his reign with the expansion of the empire, art, literature, sculpture and fine arts flourished. During the reign of Shah Jahan Muslim and Hindu cultures merged into one in India. The combination of Hindu Muslim cultures we noted from the architectural sculptures and minarets built during his time. Shahjahan was not know as warrior but an industrialist. He constructed many grand buildings and world famous monument like – the Tajmahal, Diwan-e-Aam and Diwan-e-Khas in the Red Fort, Rang Mahal, Moti Masjid, Jama Masjid of Delhi etc. Shah Jahan estabhlished a new city near Delhi and named it Shahjahanabad.

(2) Aurangzeb’s policies

The decline of the Mughal empire began mainly during the reign of Aurangazeb. He did not have the powers to ruled the great Mughal empire. at that time he was incapable of managing the administrative and social system. His policies do not carry any foresight. He had no interest in art and literature. In his time the Mughals lagged behind in art and literature. Aurangzeb’s narrow-minded policies were responsible for the end of the Mughal Empire.

Question 4:

(1) During the Mughal era, the members of the royal family and courtiers were pleasure-loving and led a life of luxury.

Ans. Do same as 2> 2.

(2) Foreign travelers and representatives visited India and stayed here in the Mughal period.

ans. Many foreign travellers came to India during Mughal period. They hae described the state administrative system  and the common life of the people in their travelogues. Two French travellers, Tavernier and Bernier, visited India during that time. Of them, Bernier lived in India for 12 years. He has observed that Mughal rulers used to spend a great sum on the army. He has also mentioned appreciatively that Indian textiles were very famous in the markets of Europe and Asia.

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