There are four types of Gender in the world. They are- Masculine Gender; Feminine Gender; Neuter Gender and Common Gender.

What is Masculine Gender                                                                      

Masculine Gender is mean to understand ‘Male’.

Example: Boy, Father, He, His, Tiger, Lion, God, Man etc.

What is Feminine Gender

Feminine Gender is mean to understand ‘Female’.

Example: Girl, Mother, She, Her, Tigress, Lioness, Goddess, Woman.

What is Neuter Gender

Neuter Gender is mean to understand non living things.

Example: Book, Pen, Laptop, Mobile, Box, Bag, Umbrella, Watch and so on. They all are non living things.

What is Common Gender

Common Gender is mean to understand ‘Male’-‘Female’ both. That’s mean, The meaning of word is not clear that its Male or Female. Like Example: Child. (the child is either Male or either Female).

Teacher (This word is mean to understand Madam / Sir both).

Student (Male Student / Female Student both).

In Pronoun, I, We, You, They are common gender.

That’s all about Gender. We hope now, is neither any problem to understand Gender.

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