Forms of Energy Class 9 Physics

Forms of Energy

We have studied about the meaning of energy in previous articles. Here we are going to discuss the different forms of energy that helps us to perform the work. So let us discuss the different forms of energy as below.

You must have experienced different forms of energy such as light, heat, electricity and many more. Energy mostly exists in 7 different forms, which are readily available among us. So let’s discuss here.

Mechanical energy: Energy which is available in mechanical form is known as mechanical energy. Mechanical energy further classified as kinetic energy and potential energy.

Kinetic energy: The energy possessed by a body due to its motion is known as kinetic energy. E.g. Athletes running on a track possess kinetic energy, bullet fired from gun is also an example of kinetic energy.

Potential energy: The energy possessed by body due to its position, shape, mass etc is known as potential energy. E.g. stone at peak of mountain, water stored in dam are some examples of potential energy.

Nuclear energy: Energy of the atomic nucleus is known as nuclear energy. It is released due to different nuclear reaction. E.g. Radioactive decay, nuclear fission, and nuclear fusion are examples of nuclear energy.

Chemical energy: Energy released or absorbed by chemical reactions between atoms and molecules is known as chemical energy. g. A glow stick produces light from a chemical reaction after friction, A battery generates electrical energy from a chemical reaction.

Thermal energy: Energy present in body due to its temperature is known as thermal energy. Thermal energy is spontaneous form of energy transfer. E.g. A hot food gets colder after some time because its heat is transferred to atmosphere, in winter season heat from body is also transmitted to atmosphere due to which we starts feeling cold.

Gravitational energy: The gravitational pull exerted by planet on each body is known as gravitational energy. This acts on each micro and macro object present on the surface of the corresponding object. Due to variation in pressure of medium during transmission of energy, it creates pressure difference on our ear drums which makes us able to hear.

Sound energy: The energy carried by sound/ sound waves in known as sound waves. Sound energy is very useful for transmission of radio waves. E.g. radio, FM, SONAR are some important applications of sound energy.

Electric energy: The energy produced by charges in motion is known as electric energy. Electric energy is widely used form of energy. Domestic appliances, industrial usage of electricity makes our life comfortable.

Apart from these forms there are many other forms of energy are present which

are used by us in our day to day life.

Nowadays solar energy, wind energy are most used forms of energy that are available around us. Solar energy is renewable form of energy, and pollution free too.

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