Evaporation and Process

Evaporation and Process

Evaporation means conversion of liquid into vapour (air).

Evaporation process is used to separate solid particles which are dissolving in liquid solvent.

Evaporation process used to separate out miscible mixture which containing two or more than two kind of salts.

In this process mixture heating is necessary. When that respected mixture is heated, liquid phase of mixture is evaporated fine particles of salt is still left in utensils.

According to process solid particles is separated from liquid solution.

From many years we apply this process to obtain our common salt from ocean. Ocean water is automatically evaporated and salt is left in surface.

Question 1) How to increase dissolving capacity of solution.

Answer- Choose smaller particles of solute, continuously stirring and temperature effect will help to increase dissolving capacity of solution.

Question 2) how will separate salt and water solution?

Answer- By Evaporation process.

Question 3) When heating solution converted liquid into gaseous and leave behind salt particles, this process is called as?

Answer- Evaporation

Question 4) for solubility, why should give temperature to the solution?

Answer- when we heat the solution it will increase dissolving capacity of solution. Therefore, temperature support to rapid solubility.

Question 5) which of the following process are reverse of evaporation.

Answer- Condensations is reverse of evaporation process.

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