Essay on Scene at railway station | Scene at railway station Essay

Essay – Scene at railway station

A railway station is a place where train of various routes arrive for the passengers. The scene at the railway station is always extremely busy. There are passengers waiting for the train, some boarding the train. The constant & monotonous movement of the train is a very common sight in the railway station.

Last month I had the chance to visit the railway station. My father went to Kolkata for his work I along with my cousin went to the station to see off my father. The station was extremely busy with passengers, coolies etc. We went to the ticket counter & bought 2 tickets for me & my cousin & then finally went to the waiting room. The waiting room was full of passengers waiting for their train. There were small stalls selling tea, coffee, snacks etc. There were even beggars begging.

The coolies were extremely busy helping passengers to shift their luggage. Some coolies were even bargaining with the customer for their charge. Some people were sitting & waiting for the train, some were sipping tea having snacks. The scene was extremely interesting to see people doing their activities. After waiting for an hour we decided to go to the canteen for having some food. The railway canteen was very clean & hygienic. They served us warm food and the quality was also good. The price of the food was also less & economical.

Finally we could bear the announcement of the rain coming to the platform. We rushed towards the train. It was full of hustle, bustle. People started to gather near the train to get into the train. As the train just stopped we booked a coolie to carry my father’s luggage. After waiting for sometimes we went inside the train. It was full of passengers. My father had a window seat. We settled everything & came down to the platform. We waited for sometime till the train’s departure. The train finally departed. We waited in the platform for sometimes for the rush to reside.

Then we finally came out of the train platform. There were constant announcements made for the arrival of train. I was surprised to see people even taking a nap & sleeping. The scene of the railway station was extremely busy.


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