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Essay – My hobby

Hobby means the favorite time pass that makes a person’s free time pleasurable & enjoyable. It helps to make the person’s daily routine a little lighter & refreshing everyone should possess a hobby to give a break to the constant routine of our life. In the busy life schedule everyone is busy with their working & earning the hobby makes a person happy from inside.

Possessing a hobby also proves to be useful. If proper importance is given to one’s hobby of painting, singing, dancing etc it can also help to mould one’s future & earn money through it. My hobby was gardening when I was small. We had a big garden in our house. I used to see my grandmother working in the garden. It gave birth to my interest. I used to work with my grandmother. I used to plant vegetables & fruits. The day I saw a brinjal in the plant I planted it gave me immense joy & pleasure. But by the passing time I got engrossed in my studies.

Later I developed a keen interest in dance. I possessed it very seriously. I used to dance in my free time which made me feel relieved of my study pressure. I then started to teach a few children of my neighbourhood. The day I got my first salary made me delighted & proud. I started feeling more confident. It really gave me peace of mind. But then one fine day I was just walking down the stairs & noticed the garden. It looked so bare & unhappy. I thought about it & then finally thought of starting gardening once again. I again started planting fresh flowers & then the garden started blooming.

It really gave me immense pleasure I used to make flower bouquets & gift them to my teachers. Both my hobbies were fruitful as I constantly worked after them. Nowadays people are extremely busy with their monotonous lives which makes them away from the peace of mind. The dance class grew bigger with more students. I finally understood the importance of hobby. It is not just what we like to do but possessing it seriously really boosts confidence. My parents even co-operated a lot in my interest. My mom even joined me in gardening. Even i got lot of support from my school & my teachers in possessing dance. Thus everyone should give equal importance to one’s hobby.

My Hobby Essay in 300 Words

Everyone has their own hobby. Just like that, one of my favourite hobby is cooking. I just love to cook various food items. I can cook so many types of food items as well. I can also cook chinise, manchurian, itallian foods as well. I always helps to my mother in cooking. Nowadays we can see that the internet has become a very important part of our life. Whatever things will be there which we wish to explore, we can find it on internet. Whatever we wish to search or get to know about such certain things then it has become very easy for us to explore as well. We can gather all the important information about it on the internet. Hence, i also get the help from the Internet. Whenever I wish to cook something new. There are a lot of various types of delicacies and the delicious food item’s recipes are provided on the internet by the people from all over the world. My family members and my freinds also like to eat the food that is prepared by me. They also admire to my cooking. They say that i must try to become a cook. Because, I have  a good knowledge of cooking as well as have a great interest in it.

We can not deny it that hobby makes us a creative person as compared to the ordinary person. Hence, everyone should develop their own hobby. It makes us different from the other people and also gives us the joy and happiness as well.

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