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Essay on Birds for Class 5 : Hello Students are you looking for Essay on Birds  for your class. Here in this article we have posted Essay on Birds for 5th Class Std.


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Birds are those species of animals on the planet that can fly with the help of their wings. In line with the survival of the fittest theory, birds have evolved over the years, to gain forelimbs. Due to massive air pollution and land pollution, many species of birds are getting extinct at an alarming rate. Birds migrate from one part of the planet to other parts of the planet is search of food and shelter and these birds are known as migratory birds, certain species of birds such as hens and chickens are domesticated by human beings for eggs, meat and feather. Due to climate change and global warming, it has become difficult for birds to inhabit and isolate themselves to just one place, there by affecting the ecosystem and the food chain, one of the reasons why a flight is possible for birds is because of the largest bird on the planet with a height of 9 feet and a weight of 345 pounds, birds have been a friend to human civilization for centuries and have helped us in many aspects of our lives. Just like how human beings pass their knowledge from one generation to another, birds also exhibit the same tendency of passing knowledge from one generation to another.

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