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Essay – A rainy day

The rain always brings happiness to the lives of everyone. A rainy day always gives in a splash of freshness to everyone. Everyone eagerly wait for the rainy season.

A rainy day always breaks the monotonous routine of a person to just give a break. Small children eagerly wait for the rain as they can jump & play in the rain. Small children make paper boats & float it in the water loggings. A busy person always feels relieved by the rainy day as he can sit back & relax the beauty of the rain. A rainy day in the summer day can reliever us from the scorching heat. It gives a scene of pleasure & happiness. The rains not only brings happiness to common people but also brings a ray of hope & happiness for the farmers as well. The farmers eagerly wait for the rains which proves to be very useful for the soil & the plants. A hot cup of the tea or coffee can increase the pleasure of the rain.

Few days break, it was unbearably hot. All the children in the school were getting disturbed due to the unbearable heat. After sometime the sky suddenly got covered with black clouds. It was getting darker by the passing time. The classes were about to end & it started to rain heavily none of our friends brought umbrella to school. We waited in the school for sometime but gradually the rain started to get worse. We decided to walk in the rain & go back home.

It was indeed the most amazing moment. The cold rain drops relived us from the whole days stress. It was so fun and we were thrilled. We played in the rain for almost an hour & then went back home completely drenched. The moment revived all the childhood memories of all our friends playing together in the rain.

Rain can be both beneficial and pleasurful as well as troublesome and painful. Huge amount of rain can cause water loggings which makes the transportation difficult. Excess amount of rain can also cause flood which proves to be fatal for common people. Too much rain can be harmful & troublesome for the farmers & the crops. Apart part from the disadvantages a rainy day is like a river in a desert which provides pleasure to one & all.


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