Electric Cell

You may wonder that the instruments like mobile, torch, inverter, cars, motor bikes uses electricity but not connected directly to source of electric energy which we use to connect for television, refrigerator, washing machine etc. Actually the instruments listed above also requires electric energy which we obtain from device called ‘CELL’

The first cell was invented by Sir Alessandro Volta in 1800 using copper and zinc metal. Both copper and zinc are highly reactive metals, so that the chemical properties of these can be used for generation of electric energy. See this figure. It the original picture of first cell made by A. Volta.

Electric cell is a device which converts the chemical energy in to electric energy by means of certain controlled chemical reaction. Every cell consist of two terminals viz. Positive terminal and negative terminal, which can be maintained using two metal rods. When these two metals are joined with the help of conducting wire, electric current starts flowing through cell.

There are basically two types of cell

1) Primary cell or Dry cell: This cell can produce electricity for certain duration, after that they get discharged and do not remain useful anymore. Thus dry cells are not rechargeable.

You need to change the cells of remote control of television after certain duration, which are nothing but primary cell or dry cell

2) Secondary cell: These cells can be recharged and used repeatedly, like the batteries of mobile, cars, invertors etc.

Just take a used dry cell from remote control or torch, using sharp object break the back side of that cell and observe the internal structure of it. What does it contains? Let’s learn it with the diagram of cell as below.

It consists of zinc container with base of brass which acts as negative terminal. Carbon rod placed at centre coated with brass metal cap acts as positive terminal. The carbon rod is surrounded with manganese dioxide and charcoal with muslin bag. Moist paste of ammonium chloride is used as electrolyte.

When this dry cell is connected in a circuit containing a bulb, current flows in the circuit due to the chemical reaction that takes place in the cell. This makes the bulb glow. This is non rechargeable cell, hence after use it become waste. Some of the parts of this cell can be recycled.

Q. Who invented first electric cell?

Ans: Sir Alessandro Volta in 1800.

Q. What are types of cells?

Ans: Primary cell (dry cell), Secondary cell.

Q. List the material required to produce dry cell.

Ans: Zinc container, manganese dioxide, brass metal cap, muslin bag, carbon rod and ammonium chloride.

Q. Define cell.

Ans: Electric cell is a device which converts the chemical energy in to electric energy by means of certain controlled chemical reaction.

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