Distillation is a technique to separate two or more than two liquids according to their boiling point.

Especially those liquids have more difference in boiling point. In this technique firstly heated the mixture then if liquid has lowest boiling point it get separate or evaporate the first.

After that this steam vapour is passing through cool tube i.e. condenser and again that vapour are converted in liquid state. That processed liquid is called as Distillate.

And this complete process of separation called as Distillation

Question 1) Give example of Distillation.

Answer- Alcohol and water, salt water, etc.

Question 2) State the uses of Distillation.

Answer- For water purification

In industry purify liquid products obtained from chemicals

Distilled water used in lead acid batteries.

Question 3) which two separation process will separate salt from a mixture of salt water?

Answer –Distillation and Evaporation.

Question 4) which is natural distilled water?

Answer- Rain water is distilled water.

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