Did you know what is distance? If you don’t know exactly what is distance then let’s take an example. Suppose Alia and her father going to market. Market is 1000m away from home. Alia and her father both going to market. But first Alia is going to Swati’s house then she go to market. Alia’s father going via straight road. Alia and her father both walks with same speed then can you tell who have to walk more distance?

Distance travel by Alia = Alia’s house to Swati’s house + Swati’s house to Market

= 500m +700m

Distance travel by Alia = 1200m

From this we see that Alia has walk 200m extra distances than her father.

“Actual length of path travelled by object/body during motion is called distance”.

The distance measure in millimeter, centimeter, meter and kilometer. The SI unit to measure distance/length is meter.

Q1. What is mean by distance?

Ans = Actual length of path travelled by object/body during motion is distance.

Q 2. Samar going to school but first he going to Nachiket’s house which is 100m away from Samar’s house. Both are going to school together the distance between school and Nachiket house is 50m. Then how much distance walk by Samar?

Ans :Total distance walk by Samar = Distance between Samar and Nachiket  house + Nachiket’s house to school

Total distance walk by Samar = 100m + 50m = 150m

The total distance travel by Samar is 150m.

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