Digestion in grass eating animal

  • Grass eating animals :

Grass eating animals moves towards herbivores animal (The animal which eats grass and plants )i.e goat , cow , buffalo , sheep , horse , etc.

  • Digestion in grass eating animal :

Have u ever notice, the animal like cow , goat , etc eats very fast within a minutes they finish grass or there food.Where the food goes ? What happen with that food ?

1) The food which is intake by cow ,goat ,etc is partially digest by them and it is known as cud .

2) The grass eating animal store the partially chewed  food into the part of the stomach which is known as rumen.It is present between oesophagus and small intestine .

3) The cud is stored into the rumen and when the animal is in relax condition ,they cud come back in there mouth in small portion and the animal chewed it and this action is called rumination and the animal which use the process of rumination is called ruminants.

4) After rumination the food goes into the stomach where it gets completely digested .

5) Then the digested food enters into the small intestine where all nutrients gets absorbs and the leftover water and minerals from digested food (faeces) is absorbed by large intestine .

6) The waste gets excreted in the form of dung from animal.

  • Why grass eating animals use the process of rumination :

The grass eat by animal contain cellulose which is a type of carbohydrates and the grass is abundant with cellulose and to digest the cellulose the animal use the process of rumination .The grass eating animals have some bacteria which breakdown the cellulose and digest it .Many animals cannot able to digest the cellulose because there digestive system don’t do cellulose digestion.


  • Question based on topic :

1) Explain grass eating animals .

2) Explain process of digestion in grass eating animals .

3) Why grass eating animals use the process of rumination .

4) Define Ruminants .

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