Difference between Physical and Chemical change

Difference between Physical and Chemical change

Physical change

Chemical changes

The changes occurs in the physical properties of matter is called physical change.

The changes occurs in the chemical properties of matter is known as chemical changes.
Physical changes does not change the chemical composition of matter.

Chemical change bring out the changes in chemical composition of matter.

Physical changes are mostly reversible process.

Chemical process are mostly Irreversible.
In the physical changes new products does not form.

In the chemical changes new products are form.

Some physical changes occurs when the substance is heated or cooled.

Chemical changes occurs when there is absorption or release of energy.
The chemical bonds does not affect by the physical changes.

The chemical bonds are Directly affect by the chemical change.

The chemical properties does not change in it hence these are retained.

The new products formed have new chemical properties from the original substances.
The physical changes are temporary.

The chemical changes are permanent.

The example for physical changes Is–conversion of ice into vapours.

The example for the chemical change is –rusting, cooking of food etc.

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