Difference between Nucleolus and Nucleus

Difference between Nucleolus and Nucleus

Difference between Nucleolus and Nucleus are in tabular form below –

No. Nucleolus


1. A part which is non-membrane bound structure and made up of nucleic acids and proteins, and mainly present within nucleus, this is referred as nucleolus. A part that contains the cell’s hereditary information and a membrane bound structure which controls reproduction and growth, this is referred as Nucleus.
2. This structure is a non-membrane bound structure. This structure is a membrane bound structure.
3. Nucleolus does not contain nuclear membrane and chromosomes. Nucleus contains nuclear membrane and chromosomes.
4. This is rich in RNA and not in DNA. This is not rich in RNA and not in RNA.
5. Nucleolus mainly contains fibrillar center, nuclear vacuole, granular component and dense fibrillar component. Composition of nucleus mainly includes nucleolus, lamina nucleoplasm, chromosomes, pores, nuclear envelope and other subnuclear bodies.
6. It is a part of nucleus. It is a cell organelle.
7. Production of rRNA is the main function of nucleolus. Production of DNA and housing for the genetic material both are the main functions of nucleus.
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