Difference between Hard materials and soft materials

Difference between Hard and soft materials

Hard materials

Soft materials

Hard material are those which does not get compressed.

Soft materials are those which gets compressed.
Hard material contained compactly Arranged  atoms.

(Less or no space in two atom)

Soft materials has less compactly arranged atoms ( more space in between twoatoms).

Hard materials Can be scratched  as they are strong.

Soft materials cannot be scratched.
Due to hardness the material cannot be deformed or reshaped

Soft materials can be deformed or reshaped easily.

Hard materials Can be  crushed.

Soft materials cannot be crushed.
Hard materials has properties like strength and toughness.

Soft materials does not have properties of strength and toughness.

Hard materials are solid in nature.

Soft materials can be solid or semi solid.
Some metals are hard in nature which shows the properties of ductility, Meliability, sonorous, hardness.

There are some metals which are soft but these does not show  properties like ductility, Meliability, sonorous .

Hard materials cannot be sliced or cut because of its hardness property.

Soft materials can be sliced and cut into pieces.
Some Hard materials have lustre.

Soft materials are mostly non – lustrous.

Hard materials contains the metals like aluminium, copper, iron etc.

Soft materials contains the metals like sodium, gold, silver (In natural appearance)
More examples from the hard materials are – wood, stone, etc.

More examples from the soft materials are –clothes, Cotton, silk, rubber etc.

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