Dialogue between Two Friends about Preparation for Exam

Dialogue between Two Friends about Preparation for Exam

(Conversation between 2 friends 15 days prior exam) at friend 2’s home

Friend 1 – (Rings the bell, mother opens the door) Hello aunty! How are? How is your health? Is friend 2 at home?

Friend 2 – (Listening the sound of friend 1, arrives) hey buddy! Please come in. How are you?

Friend 1 – I am fine long time we did not meet. So just thought of meeting you.

Friend 2 – I am glad you came. I was also thinking, about you.

Friend 1 – How is your preparation for the exam? I am really tensed.

Friend 2 – Same is with me. I am almost completed my course, but still I feel tensed.

Friend 1 – Due to the pandemic we got enough time to study. What do you feel?

Friend 2 – No, I do not agree with you. Online classes could not serve the conventional style of reading. I feel there is still a huge gap & that’s why I feel for the exam.

Friend 1 – But I think staying back at home gave me enough time to sit back & study.

Friend 2 – Have you finished revision of all subjects.

Friend 1 – Yaah, but feel tensed for mathematics. It is a vast course & tough as well.

Friend 2 – Yaah, I agree as well. I also find the social science extremely vast & tough.

Friend 1 – Oh! How could I forget about social science, the subject I am scared about

Friend 2 – Lets not worry too much, as it will impact on our health. We still have 15 days time which is enough for revision.

Friend 1 – Yaah, my mother also says the same. Have you checked our exam routine? We have gap between all subjects.

Friend 2 – Yaah! I got extremely happy by the routine.

Friend 1 – Anyways! Best of luck for the exam. And don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Friend 2 – Yaah, thank you & same to you. Feel free to ask if you have any doubt.

Friend 1 – Yaah sure. Carry on with your preparation. Come to my place next week. We’ll to a group study what do you think?

Friend 2 – Yaah! That’s a great idea. That will help us revise our syllabus well. Thanks for the plan.

Friend 1 – Ah! Anytime! Bye then, see you.

Friend 2 – Bye! Take care.


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