Dialogue between the Shopkeeper and You

Q. Suppose your bicycle has a sudden tyre puncture on your way to school . You have taken the cycle to a repair shop. Write an imaginary dialogue between the shopkeeper and you.

I : Hello Ajoy da ! Good morning!

Ajoy : Good morning . How are you ?

I : I am good . You say !

Ajoy : I am also good . You say , is all ok ?

I : Today I have got a tyre puncture of my bycycle .

Ajoy : ohh really ! How did it happen ?

I : I was going to school, suddenly I found that my bicycle’s Tyre got punctured .

Please repair the puncture or I’ll be late for school today.

Ajoy : ok. Don’t worry !

Give me 5minutes. I’ll repair that in time.

I : ok. How much do I have to pay?

Ajoy : 15 rupees only.

I : ok. Please repair it as soon as possible .I will pay that.


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