Daybreak Summary WB Board Class 11 English

Daybreak Summary WB Board Class 11 English


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Author name:- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Born :- 1807
Death:- 1882

About Author:-  Henry Wardsworth Longfellow was an America writer from nineteenth century well known for lyric poem. A few l of this famous work are Voices of the Night, Balls and other poems, The song of Hiawatha.

The poem is written in rhyming couples, continuing for nine lines. Longfellow trace the journey of the wind as it passes over land and ocean, ushering in fresh lively activities with daybreak.


Longfellow in his poem sounds the clarion call of the day. He describes the sight and sounds hailing the rousing of the rousing of life at Daybreak. The poet picks on the wind as the agent of herald, announcing the dawn. The wind cheers the mariners, stimulates the forest, enlivens the birds, rouses the chanticleer, animates the cornfields and invigorates the belfry tower to ring out loud. The wind does not want to disturb  the repose of those sleeping i the graveyard, for it is not time for them to wake up yet.

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