Class 5 Maths Worksheets


Worksheets are prepared by expert teachers for providing the extra learning resources to students. Students of class 5 must practice with textbook solutions, worksheets, model question papers and question books for getting a general idea about class 5 mathematics. Besides learning from textbooks students should follow all available study materials to understand the core concepts of all topics included in their curriculum. All the worksheets are prepared by experts according to the syllabus of class 5 in their respective boards. Students will find all types of questions that covers all topics and are important for school exams of class 5 students. All students of class 5 are advised to follow class 5 maths worksheet without any second thought in their mind to get better score. We are going to describe the details about all advantages of following class 5 maths worksheets.

math worksheets class 5

Importance of worksheet for maths:

In worksheets of related subjects students will find out chapter wise questions arranged sequentially just like their textbooks or solutions. By following maths worksheets with time students will get good score in both their class tests and school exams. Students will get chapter wise solutions too which are explained in easy language for better understanding of students. Math worksheet has been prepared with such a format for bringing more enthusiasm and encouragement among students. If students find any doubts for a question in worksheet while practicing they can ask their teachers about it. In this way worksheet has made the way easier to clear all the doubts and queries of students. Students need to analyse their strength and weak areas for better exam preparation. With worksheet they can easily identify the areas to focus more during practicing.

Worksheet for class 5:

Class 5 is the first stage of higher secondary education when students can find out many changes in their learning pattern and exam pattern. For that they must follow maths worksheet where all information are available. Class 5 students can practice with maths worksheet in their convenient time to clear their concepts and become more efficient in solving maths problems. Numerous questions are included for every chapter through which students can clear their doubts easily. With time students will be effective in their problem solving and analytical skills which will show the path of future growth. Students may find it difficult to get the proper worksheet for their maths practice. For them we have given download links of maths worksheet which students can easily download and practice.



Large Numbers

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Addition And Subtraction

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Multiplication And Division

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Factors And Multiples

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Common Fractions

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Profit And Loss

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Perimeter Area And Volume

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Perspective View And Net Of A 3 D Object

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Data Handling

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Mental Math Class 5


Smallest and Greatest Numbers

Framing a Word Problem

Multiplication of a Decimal number by a Whole Number

Multiplication of Two Decimal Numbers

Multiplication of Decimal Number by 10, 100, 1000

Properties of Multiplication

Word Problem on Multiplication of Decimal Number

Division of two Decimal Numbers

Division of Whole Numbers by Decimal Numbers

Conversion of Fraction

Properties of Division

Numbers up to 99,99,99,999

One Crore

Ten Crore

Place Value

Even and Odd Numbers

Common Multiple

Multiplication for Multiples

Division of decimal number by whole numbers

Division by 10, 100, 1000


Class 5 Math Worksheet 1

Class 5 Math Worksheet 2

Class 5 Math Worksheet 3

Class 5 Math Worksheet 4

Class 5 Math Worksheet 5

Class 5 Math Worksheet 6

Class 5 Math Worksheet 7

Class 5 Math Worksheet 8

Class 5 Math Worksheet 9


  1. What is class 5 maths worksheet?

Answer. Maths worksheet presents all types of questions in the form of practical workbook which is relevant for more practice of students.

  1. How can students become efficient in mathematics?

Answer. Students will be efficient in solving any type of maths problems by practicing with class 5 maths worksheet.

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