Chhattisgarh State Class 7 Social Science Civics Chapter 3 Solution

CG SCERT Chhattisgarh State Board Class 7 Social Science (Civics) Chapter 3 The State Government Part II Exercises Questions and Answers.

(1) There is one representative of the Central Government in each state. He is called ________

Ans: – Governor

(2) It is the duty of the _____________ to execute the laws made by Legislative assembly.

Ans: – Cabinet of ministers

(3) The party which gets a __________

Ans: – Majority forms the government.

(II)Answer the following questions:

(1) The laws of which government apply to the following

Ans: (a) Central government and Chattishgarh

(2) What do you mean by a political party?

Ans: – An organization that farms a government or influences its working is called a political party. Political parties participate in elections. They consist of people who have a common vision or ideology they formulate policies to solve the problems of the people.

(3) What are the three aspects of the elections process?

Ans: – The main aspects of the election process are –

(i) Party candidates, (ii) Voting and (iii) Counting the votes and declaring the results.

(4) Who can become the Chief Minister of a state?

Ans: – After declaration of the election result, the wining party discussion among them to find out who can becomes the Chief Minister of the state. In their meeting, an MLA or another one of the winning party propose a name as Chief Minister of the state or the leaders of their party. Then the assembled MLA’s are asked if anybody has any objection to the selected person’s name. If the majority supports the selected person as their leaders. The leaders of the party MLA’s is appointed the Chief Minister by the Governor.

(5) What is the different between a Panch and an MLA?

Ans: – Every village is divided into several words and a Panch is elected from each word. On the other hand, in cities each constituency elects one Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA).

(7) The function of the legislative Assembly and the Chief Minister are given below. Make a table listing their work separately make laws for the state, distribute portfolios to ministers, ask questions the work of minister, pass the budget, and preside over cabinet meeting.

Ans: –

The functions of the Legislative Assembly

(i) Make laws for the state

(ii) Ask questions on the work of Ministers

(iii) Pass the budget

The Function of the Chief Minister:

(i) Distribute portfolios to ministers

(ii) Preside over cabinet meetings

(III) Write two sentence for each pf them.

(1) Candidate

(2) Party

(3) MLA

(4) Bill

(5) Law

(6) Cabinet

(1) Candidate: – A candidate is a person who contests the election and tries to win the votes of the people of the election and tries to win the votes of the people of the constituency. A person who does not belong to a political party can also contest an election, such a person is called an independent candidate.

(2) Party: – An organization that forms a government or influences its working is called a political party. Political party participated in elections and it consists of people who have a common visions or ideology.

(3) MLA: – The person who represent different constituencies are called MLAs. It is their duty to listen to the people’s problems and try to solve them by placing them before the government.

(4) Bill: – A bill is a proposal which is presented to the Legislative Assembly and discussed in detail by the MLAs. The bill is passed only if more than half the MLAs present in the Legislative Assembly vote for it.

(5) Law: – Laws are made by the government and we need laws to keep people safe and let them live in peace. Laws help the country to develop and progress.

(6) Cabinet: – The chief Minister and some members of the party as ministers form the cabinet of ministers of the state. The chief Minister and the Cabinet can function as long as they have a majority in the legislative Assembly and they have to resign if they lose their majority.

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