Chhattisgarh State Class 7 Science Chapter 17 Solution

Chhattisgarh State Board Class 7 Science Chapter 17 Skeleton Joints and Muscles Exercise Choose the correct answers, Correct and rewrite the following sentences, Answer the following questions here.

(1) Choose the correct answers.

(1) Ball and socket joint is found in

(a) Shoulder and arm bone

(b) Elbow

(c) Upper jaw

(d) Wrist

Answer:- (a) Shoulder and arm bone.

(2) Vertebrate are found in –

(a) Skill

(b) Hands

(c) Backbone

(d) Fingers

Answer:- (c) Backbone.

(3) Cartilage is found in –

(a) Hands

(b) Ear

(c) Foot

(d) Skull

Answer:- (b) Ear.

(4) Hinge joint is found in –

(a) Upper jaw

(b) Elbow

(c) Lower jaw

(d) Shoulder

Answer:- (b) Elbow.

(2) Correct and rewrite the following sentence –

(a) Cartilage protects soft organ like brain and lung from injury.

Answer:- Cartilage protects soft organ like ear and nose from injury.

(b) Bones of the hand are connected to the pelvic griddle.

Answer:- Bones of the hands are connected to the pectoral griddle.

(c) The brain is protected by the rib cage.

Answer:- The brain is protected by the skull.

(d) Bones and muscles together form the muscular system.

Answer:- Muscles present in different parts of the body together make up the muscular system.

(3) Answer the following questions.

(a) In which part of the body is the longest bone located in your body found?

Answer:- The longest bone is located in legs of our body.

(b) What is the use of the backbone in the body?

Answer:- The use of the backbone in the body is to protect spinal cord.

(c) Explain the joints found in the fingers and knee?

Answer:- Joints found in the fingers:-

(1) The elbow joint is similar to the hinges of a color because the hinge allows the color movement in only one direction. Similar joints are found in the fingers.

Joints found in the knee:-

(2) Hinge joint are found in the knee.

(d) Why can’t earthworm stand up straight like human beings?

Answer:- (1) Earthworm can’t stand up straight like human beings because they do not have bone.

(2) They have only muscles.

(c) Make a list of all organs in the body by touching or moving which we can feel the muscle.

Answer:- Organs in the body by touching or moving we can feel the muscle are follow of

(1) Brain

(2) Neck

(3) Arms

(4) Legs

(5) Toes

(f) What would happen if there were no joint in our fingers?

Answer:- (1) Joints are very important because they enable us to move different part of our body.

(2) If there were no joint in our finger then a person enable to hold, scribe and many more things.

(g) What is the difference between bone and cartilage?

Answer:- Difference between bone and cartilage

(i) Cartilage:-

(a) Cartilage is soft and flexible. It is found in the ear, nose, between the vertebrae and between the ribs in the cest

(2) Bone:-

(a) Various bones found in our body. Number of bone formed a skull.

(b) The backbone is made up a number of small ring-like bones.

(c) The frame of our body is made of bones.

(h) What do you think would have happen if there were threads instead of muscles in your body?

Answer:- We can’t imagine our body without muscles.

(1) Without muscle our body can’t do any work.

(2) Our body operate through muscle

(3) Activity like getting up, sitting down, walking around, bending down and rotating the neck can’t possible without muscles.

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