Chhattisgarh State Class 6 Social Science History Chapter 5 Solution

CG SCERT Chhattisgarh State Board Class 6 Social Science (History) Chapter 5 Mahajanapada Age Exercises Questions and Answers.

(I) Fill in the blanks

1) In the republics power lay in the hands of the people of one _______.

Ans: – King

2) In the Mahajanapada Age the capital of Magadha was ______.

Ans: – Pataliputa

3) There were ____ Mahajanapadas in ancient India.

Ans: – 16

4) ____ was the famous republic in the Mahajanapada Age.

Ans: – Magadha

(II) Say whether it is right or wrong

(1) The king was hereditary in the republics.

Ans: – Wrong

(2) The king was not hereditary in a monarchy.

Ans: – Wrong

(3) Farmers had to pay a part of their produce as taxes.

Ans: – Right

(4) Alexander was the ruler of Iran.

Ans: – Wrong

(III) Answer the following questions –

(1) How many years ago were called mahajanpada age?

Ans: – 2600 years ago were called mahajanapada age.

(2) Why where the people of Dhana nand sad?

Ans: – The subjects of Dhana Nanda were very distressed as he inflicted atrocities on people while collecting the taxes that is why the people of Dhana nand were sad.

(3) How were Mahajanapadas formed?

Ans: – The Janapadas of ancient India had become powerful at the later vedic period. They wanted to increase their strength and income, so they started gaining control over other areas. This is how the big and powerful Mahajanapadas were formed.

(4) How the cities were developed in Mahajanapadas?

Ans: – Villages of Mahajanapada which had a large number of creftsman with good workership like – carpenters blacksmiths, sculptors – and many business slowly started become cities. The houses in these cities were made of wood, bricks and stones and several craftsman lived here.

(5) What was the importance of taxes in the Mahajanapadas?

Ans: – Taxes were collected regularly from the farmers and businessman. The expenses of the army, employees and the kings were taken care of by these taxes.

(6) Describe the administrative system of the Republics and the Monarchies?

Ans: – Republics and monarchies were ruled by a general assembly of male members of a lineage. The members would elect any one among them as their king. In this administrative system the culprits would got severe punishment. Taxes were collected regularly from the farmers and businessman.

(7) What was the role of Bimbisar in making Magadha powerful?

Ans: – Bimbisara built a strong army to make Magadha powerful. He used both his army and his policies to achieve his ends.

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