Chhattisgarh State Class 6 Social Science Civics Chapter 6 Solution

CG SCERT Chhattisgarh State Board Class 6 Social Science (Civics) Chapter 6 Public Properties

1.) Differentiate between public and private properties from the list given below.

Bicycle, school, tractor, library, playground, hospital, house, motor cycle, park or garden, post-box, plough.


Public Properties:

Things that belongs to everyone is called as Public Properties.

School, library, playground, hospital, park or garden, post-box.

Private properties:

Things that belongs to only ones is called as Private properties.

Bicycle, tractor, motor cycle, plough.

2.) What are public properties?

ANS: Public properties are the properties which belongs to everyone, there is no common owner of that property.

E.g. Trains, Hospitals etc.

3.) What will you do if someone is damaging a public property near you?

ANS: In my area if someone is damaging a public property I call to police and arrested them because it is our duty to safeguard the public property.

4.) Make a list of those public properties which you use daily.


There are various public properties which we use in our daily life are as follows:

i) Schools and colleges

ii) Hospitals

iii) Library

iv) Railway

v) Gardens

vi) Banks

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