Chhattisgarh State Class 6 Social Science Civics Chapter 2 Solution

CG SCERT Chhattisgarh State Board Class 6 Social Science (Civics) Chapter 2 Village of Katik and Kekti Exercises Questions and Answers.

(I) 1) The water of Haff river was used for growing _________.

Ans: – vegtables

(2) Preeti didi has learnt to make ________ from the city.

Ans: – jams, pickle of mangoes, amla etc

(3) The ladies of the saving group could sell pickles of mangoes and lemon and murabba of amla in the fair of _________.

Ans: – Semarsal

(II) Form the correct pairs.

(III) 1) What did the children see near the river in the morning?

Ans: – The children saw several acquatic animals such as crab near the river in the morning.

(2) Why did the people of Pendrikala stop the water of the river with sand bags?

Ans: – The people of Pendrikala stopped the water of the river with sand bags to use it for bathing and as drinking water for the animals. Some people had installed motor pumps to irrigate their fields.

(3) How did Preeti didi help the ladies of the saving group?

Ans: – Preeti didi had learnt to make jams, pickle of mangoes, amla, Lemon etc. from the city and had taught these things to the ladies of the saving group. They prepared lemon pickle, amla murabba, jam and squashes. These things were easily sold in the fair. They had credited the income from this sale in the groups account.

(4) What things did the ladies of the saving group make?

Ans: – The ladies of the saving group made lemon pickle, amala murabba, jam and squashes.

(5) How did the machines help the ladies?

Ans: – Preeti didi has helped them in getting loan from the bank for buying machines. This machines have enhanced the Mahila cottage Industry.

(6) With whose help did Ramu Kaka open his shop?

Ans: – With Mangal Manjhi’s help Ramu kaka opened his shop.

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