Chhattisgarh State Class 6 Social Science Civics Chapter 1 Solution

CG SCERT Chhattisgarh State Board Class 6 Social Science (Civics) Chapter 1 Inter Dependence Exercises Questions and Answers.

(1) 1) A citizen’s life is based on _____.

Ans: – interdependence

2) Chhattisgarh gets _____ and ____ from Kerala.

Ans: – coconut, spices

3) India ____ petroleum products.

Ans: – import

4) All sorts of ____ cannot be grown in an area or state.

Ans: – crops

(II) (1) India imports rice.

Ans: – False

(2) Vegetables and forest products are sent from the village to the city.

Ans: – True

(3) All countries are dependent on other countries.

Ans: – True

(4) Chhattisgarh gets sugar from Uttar Pradesh.

Ans: – True

(5) Our country does not depend on any other country.

Ans: – False

(III) (1) Why was Mangal disturbed?

Ans: – As the ship sank and several passengers were drowned. Mangal survived as he knew swimming. After several hours he reached a deserted coast where he could see any town or village. For months, he lived alone this deserted island which had only wild fruits. Living alone he became distributed and became ill.

(2) How are we dependent on each other?

Ans: – Besides our family our neighbors too help us in different ways. Barber, washerman, shopkeeper, milkman and   several others help one. In our school the principal, teachers and other employees all co-operate in functioning of the school, we perform several activities in our families, neighbor, schools, villages and cities. In this way we are dependent on each other.

(3) Why can’t we live alone far from the society?

Ans: – We can’t live alone far from the society because beings grow up and fulfill their needs in society. Cannot develop even his intelligence after staying away from the society.

(4) What are the things which are brought from outside to your village/city?

Ans: – Petroleum products, machines, medicines, several food products are brought from outsider to our village.

(IV) Information is given below regarding two places. On its basis make a diagram like 1.2.

Things going from Mirpur to Pali – – urea, electric motor, shoes, medicines.

Things coming from Pali to Mirpur ___ rice, pulses, bananas, vegetables, milk.

(1) Of the two places, state which is a city and which is a village? Give reasons.

Ans: – Mirpur is a city and Pali is a village.

Because all sorts of crops are usually grown in a village. As well as cows are domesticated in village. ON the other hand many medicines, whose, electric motors are available in the cities.

(2) Think and write why do people go from the villages to the cities

Ans: – Many doctors and hospitals are available in the cities, therefore, people from the village go to the cities for treatment. Similarly, the labourers and artisans also go to the cities for work.

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