Chhattisgarh State Class 10 Science Chapter 8 Solution

Chhattisgarh State Board Class 10 Science Chapter 8 Life Process: Control and Coordination Exercise Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks, Questions and Answers here.

Chhattisgarh State Class 10 Science Chapter 8 Solution

1) Choose the right option-

(i) Which of the following is a plant hormone?

(a) Insulin (b) Thyroxine

(c) Estrogen (d) Cytokinin.

Ans: – (d) Cytokinin.

(ii) He is not a part of the structure of a nerve cell-

(a) dendrite (b) nucleus

(c) axon (d) cellulosic cell wall.

Ans: – (d) cellulosic cell wall.

(iii) A gland present in our brain that controls hormonal secretions of several other glandsin our body.

(a) Pituitary (b) liver

(c) adrenal (d) pineal.

Ans: – (a) pituitary.

(iv) A hormone from this gland controls the level of sugar in blood-

(a) Parathyroid (b) Pancreas

(c) Adrenal (d) Pineal.

Ans: – (b) pancreas.

(v) When we asleep at night and are bit by a mosquito, we often try to kill the mosquito. This action is controlled by-

(a) Pituitary gland (b) spinal cord and brain

(c) hormones (d) pineal gland.

Ans: – (b) spinal cord and brain.

2) Make schematic line diagrams and describe a reflex action of our body.

Ans: – The neurons present in our nervous system participate in the reflex action activity in our body. The sensory neuron gets the information from the receptor’s organ to the spinal cord.

3) Write a note on the role of spinal cord and brain on reflex action.

Ans: –  The reaction which is controlled by the nervous system is known as sometimes involuntarily reaction as the reaction occurred suddenly without our control. The spinal cord is work as a bridge between the receptors and the brain. The receptor passes the signal through the spinal cord.

4) ‘There is a coordination between the secretion of hormones and the nervous system’, justify the statement.

Ans: – The coordination is important for our hormone secretion and nervous system. Various glad like the pituitary, adrenaline etc are very much dependent to our nervous system for hormone secretion. If any reason if these systems is hampered then there will be various disorder in our body.

5) Illustrate a nerve cell with a neat and labelled drawing and describe it.

Ans: –

6) How are involuntary actions controlled in our body, explain with a diagram?

Ans: –

8) Explain the need of control and coordination in any living organism with examples.

Ans: – The various reaction of our body is control by our nervous system. In our nervous system there is a strong bond between the spinal cord and brain which control all the activity in our body. We need this coordination for the different working through the day. If sometimes it hampered then our body activity will be dispersed. All the secretion of hormone are controlled by the gland present in our body.

9) ‘Plants are sensitive to light’ cite an experiment to justify this statement.

Ans: – There is a common phenomenon of the plant which are closes to the window try to leaning to the window. For the needs of sunlight for photosynthesis, these characteristics of the plants are seen which clearly tells us that the plant is light sensitive.

10) Give examples to show how plants respond to stimuli.

Ans: – The different plant which are planted in a pot in our home they always try to leaning the direction of the light. These attractions of the plant are also seen when the direction of the rays also changed plant also bend.

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