Chhattisgarh Class 9 English The Jamun Tree Chapter Solution

Chhattisgarh Board Class 9 English The Jamun Tree Chapter Solution

CG Board Class 9 English Solution for Unit 1 Reading A Chapter The Jamun Tree all Questions Answer. The Jamun Tree Class 9 English Solution Chhattisgarh Board.


Reading A

The Jamun tree


I.) Answer the following questions.

1.) Describe the Jamun tree in at least five sentences.

Answer: The Jamun tree was a tall and stately one. It had dark green leaves and twirling branchesthat clawed into the sky. It had knotty and gnarled branches. It gave shade to the children. It bore abundant fruits.


2.) What options did Ricky, Jonak, Monpi and Tinky find out for getting wood for mejhi?

Answer: Ricky came up with the idea to build a champion mehji and it was he who suggested to chop down the huge Jamun tree to get enough wood for their mejhi. And everyone else agreed.


3.) What changed Ricky’s enthusiasm for cutting the Jamun tree?

Answer: When Ricky climbed up the tree he found a nest of two young hawk-kites, he felt guilty and said that it the tree was a home for man creatures and by cutting it down it would be unfair for them. This changed Ricky’s enthusiasm for cutting the Jamun tree.


4.) What are the good things they had been getting from the Jamun tree?

Answer: The Jamun tree was a source of joy for the children. It bore the fruits in abundance that even the children from the neighborhood would come and eat. The tree gave them juicy fruits and shade.


5.) Why did Ricky, Jonak, Monpi and Tinky want to have a big mejhi?

Answer: Ricky, Joank, Monpi and Tinky were excited to have a big mejhi this time as every year they had small mejhi. As their mejhi would be the envy of all their friends in the neighbourhood the wanted to have a big mejhi.


6.) What arrangements did the children make for the birds that visited the Jamun tree?

Answer: Many creatures visited the big Jamun tree. Squabbling magpies, chirping sparrows and squawking parrots were the common ones. Ricky and Jonak would build a bird bath for them whereas their sisters, Monpi and Tinky would fill it with water. The birds would enjoy splashing in the cool water.


7.) Do you think it is good to cut a tree for the sake of a festival? Give reason (s) for your opinion.

Answer: I don’t think it is a good idea to cut a tree for the sake of a festival. Trees give us so much, be it fruits, shade and most important fresh oxygen. There are number of festivals in India and cutting trees for the sake of it would mean harming the mother nature. Bu cutting down trees we are inviting environmental problems for us. If there are no trees how would we enjoy the nature? One can celebrate the festival in simple way and by sharing joy and happiness and not by harming nature.


II.) Complete the following table.


Visitors to the

Jamun tree

Names Description of Activities
Animals Squirrels Nibble at the fruits
Birds Magpies Enjoyed

splashing about in the cool waters.

Insects Bluebottles Drink nectar

from the fruits

  Honeybees Filled the air with their

urgent buzzing.

  Ants Carry off the

fruits which had fallen onto the ground.


III.) Work in groups and discuss these questions and then write your answer individually.

1.) Give reasons for not cutting a tree.

Answer: A tree is source of many things. It gives us fresh oxygen, fruits, flowers, etc. It makes our surroundings beautiful. By cutting trees we harm ourselves and the environment.


2.) Give reasons why trees are cut.

Answer: In the modern times there is increase in the industrialization and for that many trees are chopped down. For stationery items also there is cutting for trees.


3.) Do you think the trees that do not give fruits should be cut?

Answer: Not every tree bears fruits, but that does not mean that it should be cut down. Every tree has something to give.


4.) Do human beings alone have rights over the trees? Discuss.

Answer: No humans beings alone don not have the rights over the trees. Trees are also living beings. They provide many things to human beings and that too in free. We should respect mother nature . We as human beings should not try to do things that would harm the mother nature. Just because we know certain things we cannot overpower it and misuse it.



Tick () the most appropriate meaning for each of the following words in bold.

1.) Monpi and Tinky were enthusiastic about cutting the Jamun tree.

a.) fascinated

b.) excited

c.) crazy

d.) delighted


2.) They marvelled at the discipline with which ants toiled.

a.) were curious

b.) became thoughtful

c.) mocked

d.) wondered


3.) Jonak said it is obvious that we cannot cut the tree.

a.) true

b.) well known

c.) clear

d.) possible



A.) Identify the subject and predicate in each of the following sentences given in the passage and write them in the table below.

S.No Subject Predicate
1. The syrupy sweetness of the Jamun invited the visitors too.
2. A pair squirrels who lived in a near by bamboo grove. came regularly to nibble at the fruits.
3. Scores of beautiful

bluebottles flitted around the tree

settling every now and then to drink nectar from the


4. Honeybees, who seemed to be forever busy, filled the air with their urgent buzzing.
5. Ants arrived in great numbers, marching in straight lines to carry off the fruit which had fallen onto the ground.
6. The children would spend hours watching the ants.


B.) Complete the following sentences with appropriate subjects or predicates.


1.) The people living in the remote area of Chhattisgarh celebrated the festival of Hareli.


2.) She is unknown to me.


3.) Chhattisgarh is a state that comes in central India.


4.) The Bihu festival is celebrated in Assam.


5.) In democracy, the people elect the government.


Complete the dialogues given below:

Q: How old are your children?

A: The youngerone is four and the older one is seven.

Q) Would you like a new model of mobile?

A.) Certainly. The new mobiles are much lighter than the old ones.

Q.) What type of car do you want?

A.) I don’t mind what kind of car it is. I just want one that gets me to office.

Q.) What do you want to buy?

A.) I need some new colour pencils. The ones I have at the moment are broken.


A.) Indicate which function of ‘There’ occurs in the sentences below: ‘Adverb of place’ or ‘Introductory ’.


Sentences Adverb

of place

a. There is always someone who is

naughty in the class.

b. There is the postman. Let me see if he has anything for me.  
c. There were two of them, to full

grown little fledglings.

d. There was once a little girl called


e. We went there on foot.  
f. I saw him standing there.  
g. There was a long silence after the


h. Put your books on the table there.  


B.) Rewrite the sentences with the introductory ‘There’.

Original sentences Using introductory ‘There’
a. A lady is waiting to see the Principal. There is a lady waiting to see the principal.
b. Nobody was in the room. There was nobody in the room.
c. Squirrels are in the other tree. There are squirrels in the other tree.
d. Payal’s car is in the garage. There is Payal’s car in the garage.
e. Your dinner is on the table. There is your dinner on the table.
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