Chhattisgarh Board Class 9 English Travel & Tourism Chapter Solution

Chhattisgarh Class 9 English Practice Exercise 4 Unit Travel & Tourism Solution

CG Board Class 9 English Solution for Practice Exercise 4 Travel & Tourism Questions Answer. Practice Exercise Unit Travel & Tourism Class 9 English.



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1.) Choose the correct alternative in each of the following.

(i) I had the compartment to myself upto Rohana. It means that the narrator was alone in the compartment

a.) the narrator was alone in the compartment

b.) other travellers got down at Rohana

c.) there were other people in the compartment before Rohana

d.) the whole compartment was booked by the narrator


(ii) The couple who saw her off was probably her parents. It means thatthe narrator guessed that they were her parents.

a.) the narrator was sure that they were her parents

b.) the narrator guessed that they were her parents

c.) the narrator did not know who they were

d.) the narrator had met the girl’s parents before


(iii) They seemed very anxious about her comfort. Anxious means worried

a.) relaxed

b.) careful

c.) worried

d.) tired


2.) Answer the following questions:


a.) Who saw the girl off?

Answer: Girl’s parents saw her off.


b.) What instructions were given to the girl?

Answer: The girl was instructed where to keep her things ,when not to lean out of windows, and how to avoid speaking to strangers.


3.) Complete the sentences:

a.) The narrator could not tell what the girl looked like because

Answer: Since the narrator was blind, he could not tell what the girl looked like.


b.) The speaker’s eyes were

Answer: The speaker’s eyes were sensitive only to light and darkness.


4.) Write T for True and F for False statements.


a.) The girl’s parents were travelling with her.


b.) Her mother told her where to keep her things. T


c.) She asked the girl to take help from strangers. F


d.) The narrator was blind. T


5.) Read the above passage carefully and find out one word for the following

phrases. One has been done.

e.g. husband and wife – couple


a.) mother and father – PARENTS


b.) unknown people – STRANGERS


c.) the place where a train stops – PLATFORM


d.) One who cannot see- BLIND


6.) Given below is a list of words related to trains. Write each of these words in the space provided under the appropriate picture.


1.) Wheels                                                                               2.) Platform

3.) Berth                                                                                   4.) Station


7.) Crossword

Identify seven words given in the word box which are related to natural

beauty. One has been done for you.












Write a few more instructions that your mother normally gives you about

1.) eating food-a. Don’t eat outside food.


2.) keeping your bag- a.Keep necessary things


3.) riding the cycle-a. Don’t ride fast


4.) precautions about keeping money-a.Keep money safe





1.) Choose the correct alternative in each of the following.

(i) ‘Navy’ and ‘brown’ refer to colours of boots

a.) names of boots

b.) colours of boots

c.) names of places

d.) names of people


(ii) The words that show the act of walking in the poem are step by, up and down

a.) really comfortable

b.) step by, up and down

c.) travel around

d.) many miles


(iii) The boots of the poet are always on

a.) not comfortable

b.) very costly

c.) always on

d.) good looking


2.) Answer in brief :

a.) Who is ‘I’ in the poem?

Answer: The poet is ‘I’ in the poem.


b.) Around which country did he travel?

Answer: He traveled around Scotland.


c.) How long does the traveler travel?

Answer: The traveler travels for many miles.


d.) Point out the line which tells that the poet does not put on the same boots every day.

Answer: One day brown the other navy shows that the poet does not put on the same boots every day.


e.) How many boots does the poet have?

Answer: The poet has two pairs of boots .


f.) Which quality of the walking boots make them the poet very happy?

Answer: The boots are comfortable and this is why the poet becomes very happy.


g.) Which line expresses the poet’s love for travelling?

Answer: On my travels around Scotland-this line expresses the poet’s love for travelling.


3.) Look at the picture of different kinds of footwear. What are they called?

Choose the words from the box. Write the words that describe their quality.


1.) Sports shoes                                               2. Boots                                   3.Sandels

Slippers                                   shoes


4.) Give one word for the following. Choose the right answer from the box given below.


a.) Time in the evening just after sun set-DUSK


b.) At the break of the day – DAWN


c.) Two in number-PAIR


d.) One by one .- STEP BY STEP


e.) Dark blue colour – NAVY


f.) Not uneasy- COMFORTABLE


5.) Write describing words/phrases related to nature for the picture given below.

1.) Grass

2.) Tree

3.) cows

4.) Sheep

Fill in each blank with an appropriate reflexive pronoun as in the example above.

(themselves, ourselves, myself, herself, himself, itself)


a) He had the train compartment to

b) She had the room to herself.

c) They had the library to

d) We had the road to

e) The lion kept all its food to

Given below are main clauses and adverbial clauses. Match main clauses with adverbials clauses to make meaningful sentences. One has been done. Rewrite the sentences in the blanks below.


1.) As there was no rain this year ,the paddy crop dried up.

2.) We cannot play unless the rain stops.

3.) Although he is eighty years old he can read without glasses.

4.) He cried in great fear as if he had seen a ghost.


a.) As they looked anxious about her comfort, the woman gave the girl detailed instructions.

Answer: The woman gave the girl detailed instructions as they looked anxious about her comfort.


b.) As I was not feeling well, I did not go to school.

Answer: I did not go to school as I was not feeling well.


c.) As he had a college degree, he was given a good job.

Answer: He was given a good job as he had a college degree.


d.) As she worked hard. he passed the course.

Answer: He passed the course as she worked hard.


Now change the following sentences from Direct speech to Indirect speech.


a.) “I love the hills; especially in October,” he said.

He said that he loved the hills; especially in October.


b.) “You are a very gallant young man,” she said.

She said that he was a very gallant young man.


c.) “She was an interesting girl,” I said.

I said that she had been an interesting girl.


d.) “We will soon be at your station,” I said.

I said that we would soon be at her station.


10.) The sentences in direct speech given below have two mistakes. Rewrite the sentences in reported speech correctly.

Corrected answers

1.) Mother told the shopkeeper that she wanted a packet of biscuits.

2.) The teacher told the students that they must submit their project report the next day.

3.) The players said that they had liked their stay in their state.

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