Chhattisgarh Class 9 English Practice Exercise 2 Unit Sports Solution

Chhattisgarh Class 9 English Practice Exercise 2 Unit Sports Solution

CG Board Class 9 English Solution for Practice Exercise 2 Sports Questions Answer. Practice Exercise Unit Sports Class 9 English.



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1.) Fill in the correct alternative in each of the following.

(i) The ‘Real Hero’ award won by Ashok was only cash prize

a.) a certificate

b.) a certificate and cash prize

c.) only cash prize

d.) a gold medal


(ii) Ashok’s parents realized that he was doing good work when he won the ‘Real Hero’ award

.a.) founded the OSCAR

b.) got a job in CNN-IBN

c.) won the ‘Real Hero’ award

d.) won the Oscar award


(iii) Ashok did not invest his money in purchasing land

a.) purchasing land

b.) buying football equipment

c.) hiring a room

d.) buying a computer


(iv) The prize money actually received by Ashok was less than 3.5 lakhs

a.) more than 3.5 lakhs

b.) less than 3.5 lakhs

c.) donated to the trust

d.) not received by him


2.) Answer in brief.

a.) How much amount did CNN-IBN give as a cash prize to Ashok?

Answer: CNN-IBN gave a cash prize of 3.45 lakh to Ashok.


b.) What did Ashok do with the money he received?

Answer: Ashok invested some of the money in a fixed deposit for OSCAR Foundation and also bought a computer for the kids, purchased more football equipment and rented a tiny room in which some of the children receive extra tuition.


c.) Why did he take a room on rent?

Answer: He take a tiny room on rent to provide the children with extra tutition.


d.) How was OSCAR Foundation registered?

Answer: When Ashok received cash prize from CNN-IBN he used some money to register it as a trust.


3.) The word ‘equipment’ takes ‘ment’ as a suffix. Write four more words that

take ‘ment’ as a suffix.

1.) Settlement

2.) Development

3.) Retirement

4.) Payment


4.) Given below are sets of equipment associated with different games. Write the name of the concerned games related to the equipment given below.


Equipment                                                                                         Games

1.) ball bat stumps, bails                                                                      Cricket


2.) stick, mouth guard, shin guard, ball                                              Hockey


3.) Knee length socks, studded shoes, ball                                         Football


4.) Headgear, Mouth guard, Sparring gloves                                      Boxing


5.) Complete the web given below regarding facilities provided by a bank.


1.) Savings account

2.) Loan

3.) Current account

4.) Fixed deposit

5.) Cheque

6.) Bank draft

7.) Credit card

8.) Cash credit


1.) Read the poem carefully and pick out the rhyming words in each stanza. Write these words and line numbers in the provided space.

Stanza 1- lad- glad

Stanza 2- house-mouse


2.) Read the poem again and complete the lines:

a.) I used to watch a cartoon show.


b.) You see Tom was a big old pussycat.


c.) But Jerry was a tiny mouse


3.) Read the poem again and tick () the correct options given in brackets.


a.) The strange behavior of Tom and Jerry made the poet (sorry/ happy).


b.) Tom wanted to (kill/ catch) Jerry.


c.) Tom was a big (dog/ cat).


d.) Jerry was a (big/ small) mouse.

4) Read the poem and pick out the words used to describe Tom and Jerry and write them in the appropriate circle given below.


Tom- big andold pussycat


Jerry- tiny mouse


5.) Answer the following questions.

a.) Which cartoon show did the poet watch in his childhood?

Answer: The poet watched Tom and Jerry cartoon show in his childhood.


b.) What made the poet glad?

Answer: Tom and Jerry’s antics would make the poet glad and happy.


c.) Why did Tom try all sorts of tricks?

Answer: Tom would try all sorts of tricks to catch the small mouse named Jerry.


6.) Match words given in column ‘A’ with words that have similar meanings the words given in column ‘B’.


1.) lad -boy


2.) glad- happy


3.) big- huge


4.) tiny- small


5.) silly- foolish


6.) antics- tricks


7.) Make your own sentences by using the words given in column ‘B’.


1.) Rutwick is an intelligent boy.


2.) Sakshi is a happy girl


3.) We have a huge balcony.


4.) There are many small fish in the fish tank.


5.) He is not as foolish as you think.


6.) Sometimes my brother plays tricks on me.


Frame sentences from the table given below :

Example: I used to play football in my childhood.











Used to



eat lot of chips

read comic books

swim on weekends

cook daal rice

enjoy going on log trips

watch Takeshie’s Castle

sing Hindi songs




in my



9.) Rewrite the sentences you have written in exercise 8 using ‘when’ as given in the example.


1.) I used to eat a lot chips when I was a child.


2.) I used to read comic books when I was a child.


3.) I used to swim on weekends when I was a child.


4.) I used to cook daal rice when I was a child.


5.) I used to enjoy going on long trips when I was a child.


6.) I used to watch Takeshie’s Castl when I was a child.


7.) I used to sing Hindi songs when I was a child.


Complete the following sentences.

a.) I feel happy because I score good grades.

b.) I feel sorry if let my parents down .

c.) I get irritated when someone repeats the mistake and not learn from them.

d.) I am overjoyed when I make my parents proud.

e.) I become uncomfortable when someone teases me .


Match the words given in column ‘A’ with ‘B’.

1.) small -Size


2.) new – Age


3.) beautiful- Opinion


4.) slow-Speed


5.) red- Colour


6.) Round- Shape


7.) wooden- Type


13.) Pick out any three adjectives from the box given below and complete the phrases using adjectives in order. You will have to use an when you make a phrase using old or any other word beginning with a vowel sound.


a small, round , bright Flower


a cute, costly, red frock


a small, young, cute baby


an Indian, new, red, car


an old, small, costly bag


a big, new , wooden table


a small, evergreen, bright garden


a long, old, costlypen


an old, big, round tree


a big, old, Indian building


i.) A cat crosses your path


ii) You walk under a ladder


iii) Some one sneezes when you start your journey


iv) You break a mirror


v) You see an empty vessel in the morning


vi) Your left palm is itchy


vii) You find a spider on your clothes


viii) You find gold on the way



(i) If a cat crosses your path, you will be late for your work


(ii) If you walk under a ladder, you will have a bad luck.


(iii) If someone sneezes when you start your journey, you will not reach the destination.


(iv) If you break a mirror, you will bad luck for seven years.


(v) If you see an empty vessel in the morning, you will become blind.


(vi) If your left palm is itchy, you will receive money.


(vii) If you find a spider on your clothes, you will get money.


(viii) Ifyou find gold on the way, you will get money.


15.) Write the answers of the following questions.

1.) If I see a snake near me, I will call the snake catcher .


2.) If I find a mobile phone on the way, I will inform the police.


3.) If I meet my old friend , I will talk with him/her just like old times.


4.) If I break an egg in my hand, I will immediately put in a dish/bowl.


5.) If I catch a thief , I will inform the police.


6.) If I miss my maths class, I will request teacher to give notes.


7.) If I fail in the examination, I will try again and pass in the next exam.

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