Chhattisgarh Board Class 9 English Namaste Chapter Solution

Chhattisgarh Board Class 9 English Namaste Chapter Solution

CG Board Class 9 English Solution for Unit 5 Reading B Chapter Namaste all Questions Answer. Namaste Class 9 English Solution Chhattisgarh Board.


Reading B



Answer the following questions.

1.) What body posture do we take to say ‘namaste’?

Answer:  Head is lowered and hands come together when we say’namaste.’


2.) To whom do we say ‘namaste’?

Answer: From old to young and from guest to a friend we say ‘ namaste’ to everyone.


3.) At what time do we say ‘namaste’?

Answer: From greeting to parting ways, we say’ Namaste.’


4.) What does ‘namaste’ convey?

Answer: ’Namaste’ represents respect. It shows that we wish well and hope someone has a beautiful day.


5.) How does the person feel when he/she says ‘namaste’?

Answer:  When he/she says ‘namaste’ one is grateful and full of respect. He/she honors others’ spirit.


I.) Complete the word-web with the words related to the word in the center.

Welcome-1. Hello

2.) Hi

3.) Good to see you

4.) Hey

5.) Good morning/afternoon/evening


Farewell- 1. Bye-Bye

2.) See you soon

3.) Nice to meet you

4.) Adieu

5.) Bye

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